Niche Site Case Study 2

After my first successful niche sites and case study, I decided to build some more niche sites – this time I mentored my new employee (and brother!), Nathan to build the sites. This case study is all about the process we went through to build these sites so you can build your own. I also share how much time each step took and how much money it cost as well as keeping you updated to how much money each of the new niche sites make.

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This case study is still new so keep checking back!

So far in the case study:

  1. Why I Am Building More Niche Sites (And You Should Too!)
  2. Step 1: The Most Important Part – Picking Your Niche
  3. Step 2: Buying a Domain Name – Micro versus Bigger Niche Site
  4. Step 3: Setting Up a Niche Site
  5. Step 4: Making a Keyword Plan
  6. Step 5: Write the Main Article
  7. Step 6: Write and Publish 5 Product Review Articles
  8. Step 7: Write the Home Page 
  9. Step 8: Starting a Link Building Plan
  10. Amazon Changes. Is it still worth building Niche Sites?

At this point, you will have completed a niche site! The next niche site case study updates will concentrate on link building.

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