Rank #1 in Google

Do you want Search Engine Traffic?

Search engine traffic is some of the best traffic you can ever get to your blog or website. Once you rank in search engines, you can get targeted traffic day after day, year after year with little effort.

However, it can be difficult to navigate the world of SEO. What do you need to do to rank in Google? How do you pick keywords? Do you need links?

Let me help you rank in Google! All my tutorials are below.


seo fundamentals


How to get started with SEO to get traffic to your site. From working out how to set up your site for sweet search engine traffic to picking your first keyword (and what a keyword is!).



seo content optimisation


How to optimise your content for search engines and readers so you have the best chance possible of getting the right people to your site on auto pilot.




How to build links to your site for more traffic and authority. Your SEO success will never be as big as it could be until you learn how to do this!


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