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Founder of Where’s Sharon?, Multiple 6 Figure Blogger 


What does it take to build a successful blog?

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you’ll have realized something by now – creating a successful blog is tough. There’s so much information out there that an answer often leaves you with more questions…


What should you be focusing on to grow your income?

How much time should you devote to social media?

What are the best affiliate programs for bloggers?

What is the fair price of a sponsored post?

How many page views should you be aiming for? Do page views even matter?

If you can answer every question above with absolute confidence then you’re one of the lucky ones.

Until 3 years ago, I couldn’t.

I was hung up on chasing goals that I thought were the ultimate aim for every blogger, and yet, I was still struggling with the following issues. Read them and see if any resonate with you.


Issue #1 – I Believed I Wasn’t Getting Enough Readers

I was doing everything I could to improve the readers experience on my blog. I worked super hard at improving my content. I changed my theme. I ensured I was engaging with people and I worked heavily on my social media, but even when my page views did start to increase, I encountered other problems.

Issue #2 – My Income Wasn’t Rising

Although my page views started to increase, I wasn’t seeing an increase in income. I put affiliate links in my article wherever they seemed to fit but sales were poor at best. Not only this, but I didn’t fully understand how a blogger could make money. I could see other bloggers becoming successful, so why wasn’t I? Something wasn’t right.

Issue #3 – I Felt Like I Was Wasting Time

All the while, I was at risk of losing my mind. I didn’t know how to prioritise my time. I didn’t know where to focus my energy and a job that should have taken 5 minutes took over an hour, and I felt like I didn’t have enough time to do everything.

Issue #4 – I Questioned Whether Success Really Was Possible

It was hard to drown out the voices that that told me the market was over saturated and it was no longer possible to have success with blogging. Although I refused to let that hold me back, it left me questioning if I was crazy for believing I could do this.


The Reality Was That I Didn’t Know What I Was Doing


This shouldn’t have been a surprise.

Valuable information just isn’t out there and it’s obvious why. Of course bloggers are reluctant to share the secrets that make them as successful as they are.

They’d be providing secrets to their direct competitors.

Around this time, I took on another project – I built a niche site. Not only did I learn a lot about niche sites themselves, but it transformed how I thought about blogging forever, and it made me realise what I should have known all along.


Nearly All The Information Out There On What It Takes To Build A Successful Blog Is WRONG

You’ve probably heard some the following –

“All you need to do is write quality content and the readers will come”

“You need to constantly be adding new content to your blog”

“SEO doesn’t lead to a quality audience”

“All you need to do is focus on the search volume of keywords”

When I stopped listening to bad advice and started focusing on what worked, success came – and it came fast.

My travel blog began to be the main source of income for my family.

It has since been consistently rated in the top 50 travel blogs in the world.

This ultimately transformed my life in ways I would never have imagined, and it allowed me to focus on the things I love – travel, family and FREEDOM.


Here’s what I realised…

You can spend LESS time doing things and get BETTER results

You DON’T have to work yourself to death

You CAN have more time for yourself and for your family

Building A Successful Blog Doesn’t Require A Miracle, It Requires A Strategy


My name is Sharon Gourlay and I found my niche in family travel and turned my blog into a 6 figure online business.

My blog provided me with more than just income. It’s what allowed me and my family to live our dream life for the last 3 years.

I’ve learned so much from being a professional blogger for 3 years, and there is nothing more I want to do than to share it all with you.

I’m about to lift the lid on my best kept secrets in the best way possible, and this is your chance to grab a front row seat.

Are you ready to learn EVERYTHING you need to know about building a successful blog?



The Ultimate Membership Site Where, Together, We Will Take YOUR BLOG to the NEXT LEVEL


A Revolutionary Way To Blogging Success

Build Blog Freedom is a membership site designed for the sole purpose of teaching you what you need to know to make your blog WILDLY SUCCESSFUL.

This isn’t just another a blogging course – it’s a complete A to Z guide stepping you through the process of becoming a professional blogger in the best way possible.

As this is a membership site, you’ll receive access to new modules each month so that you implement the lessons you receive carefully and consistently – and if you aren’t seeing results, you simply quit with NO minimum obligation.

Not only will you become an EXPERT in everything related to blogging, but as a member you’ll stay UP TO DATE with the latest blogging insights. This is your chance to build a powerful brand and hit those blogging goals you’ve been waiting for.


Build Blog Freedom Is Designed To Help You Get More Traffic, Monetise Effectively And Take Your Blog To The Next Level


Check out what current students have been saying…


How Build Blog Freedom Will Transform Your Blog

As a member, you’ll become part of a program that allows you to implement steps the right way from Day 1 – all in easily manageable bite sized portions.

Here’s how it breaks down –

Learn Blogging Fundamentals

Become an expert in everything – SEO, affiliate marketing, social media, blog sponsorships… it’s all covered

Grow Your Traffic

Learn how to dramatically increase traffic to your site with simple actionable steps you can apply now

Monetise your blog

Target the right traffic, increase your affiliate link conversions and build/sell your own products

Receive Ongoing Support

Receive support via the private Facebook Group every step of the way


As A Member Of Build Blog Freedom You’ll Receive The Following Benefits

  • Receive dedicated support in the Private Facebook Group while you implement the strategies on your own blog

  • Learn the things you need to know to transform your blog with SEO and Affiliate Marketing, and ultimately your life

  • Save time by focusing only on things that are proven to work, and implement the strategies carefully and consistently

PLUS Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions

Let me help address any questions you have in our LIVE Q&A sessions in the private Facebook Group for Build Blog Freedom


All this for only $117 per month $97 per month

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This course stands out as a jewel among thieves in the crowded make-money-online space. Filled with specific, actionable information and easy to implement tactical advice. We recouped our monthly investment beginning in Month 2, and our ten monthly payments + lifetime status investment in month 4. Our affiliate income exceeded the previous year’s totals in Month 3 and has continued to build exponentially. BBF has given us the knowledge and tools to effectuate our plans and break through the walls that held us back. Knowing that our blog is now a reliable income source has given us great peace of mind.

Betsy Wuebker

PassingThru Enterprises

A Sneak Peak Inside Build Blog Freedom

Check out the first module here: SEO Freedom


BONUS: Kick Start Your Blogging Success

The only way you will have a successful blog is by following a proven strategy that works.

This is why Build Blog Freedom offers immediate access to the BONUS module – How To Kick Start Your Blog And Grow With Build Blog Freedom- where you will craft a detailed 2 month plan for increasing traffic and income.

In this module, we break things down to a simple 3 stage system for blogging success, and then break it down even further into 5 steps to follow – with no room for overwhelm.

Valued at $200 – AVAILABLE FREE


Modules For Build Blog Freedom

In the first 6 months of Build Blog Freedom, you’ll receive access to the following modules:


Month 1

  • The Secret To Success: Goal Setting And Planning
  • SEO Freedom: What You Need To Do (And Understand) From Day 1
  • SEO Freedom: On-Site SEO To Help Your Site Rank
  • Affiliate Marketing Freedom: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Started With Affiliates
  • Technical Skills: Understanding And Using Redirects
  • Master Class: How I Goal Set And Plan For Success

Month 2

  • The Key To Email List Building For Beginners
  • SEO Freedom: Becoming A Keyword Ninja (And Other On-Page Techniques)
  • Affiliate Marketing Freedom: How To Market Your Affiliate Links To People Who Will Buy
  • Technical Skills: How To Use Styles On Your Blog
  • Master Class: Becoming A Keyword Ninja

Month 3

  • Affiliate Marketing Freedom: How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Ongoing Success
  • SEO Freedom: Link Building And Growing Your Domain Authority (The Key To More Traffic)
  • How To Plan A Content Schedule To Reach Your Goals And Engage Your Readers
  • Technical Skills: How To Add A Child Theme
  • Master Class: The Best Ways To Use Affiliates

Month 4

  • SEO Freedom: Bringing It All Together In An Effective Strategy
  • How To Make More Money From Sponsored Posts On Your Blog
  • Master The Power Of Pinterest And Increase Traffic To Your Blog
  • Technical Skills: How To Create A Backup Strategy
  • Master Class: Making More Money With Advertising

Month 5

  • SEO + Affiliate Marketing: The Secrets For Passive Income
  • Build Product Freedom: Product Creation 101
  • How To Successfully Work With Brands
  • Technical Skills: Setting Up Cloudflare For Your Blog
  • Master Class: Biggest Mistakes With Pinterest That Are Stopping You From Having Success

Month 6

  • Optimising Old Posts For More Success
  • Build Product Freedom: Creating An eBook For Profit
  • Build Product Freedom: Sales Funnels That Sell
  • Master Class: Working With Brands

And more coming monthly


Scale Your Business And Increase Your Income By Selling Your Own Products

SEO and Affiliate Marketing are fantastic ways to make money from blogging, but they can only take you so far.

This is why in Month 5, Build Blog Freedom introduces you to Build Product Freedom – a course within a course designed to take you through the entire process of building AND selling your very own products.

This really is the ultimate way to scale your business.


Learn To Do More With Monthly Technical Lessons


The benefits of being a member of Build Blog Freedom don’t end with having great content. You’ll also learn how to tweak different aspects of your site in the Monthly Technical Lessons.

These lessons address technical issues bloggers often struggle including using redirects (Month 1), using styles (Month 2) and editing your child theme (month 3).

These are practical lessons you can use to take your blog to a professional level.


My Guarantee

If you join Build Blog Freedom and don’t love the content in the first month, you can simply discontinue your membership at any time and you won’t be charged for future months – no questions asked.


With A Retention Rate At Month 3 Of 85%, Students Love Build Blog Freedom


Check out what current students of Build Blog Freedom have to say…


Thanks to Sharon’s SEO tips I have had more than 300 % increase in blog traffic in the last year. Also, in April last year, I bought her make money from affiliate marketing book and I started with the affiliates. Until then, my only blog related income came from sponsored posts. This month, less than a year later, I am going to hit over 4k from passive income.

Chrysoula Manika



I started my new site in January. It’s now March. I do no social media promotion. Using Sharon’s techniques and expert advice, I now have a site that runs 100% on Google search traffic and makes between $5 and $15 USD daily (from affiliate and Adsense) with well under 100 pageviews a day, and exactly 7 published articles. What Sharon has taught me in BBF is completely different to every other blog course in that it shows me how to create a money machine that runs without me needing to constantly promote and tweak things

Emma Healey

Little House Lovely Home


I’ve been blogging for over a year and during that time I’ve taken two other blogging courses. So, I felt like I had a good idea of what I was doing. But my biggest struggle was making any money. My page views still aren’t super high and I thought the money would come once I was able to increase those. But after just one month of Build Blog Freedom I’ve already started to see affiliate income rolling in! Not only that, but my page views are increasing too. After taking the SEO module I immediately implemented some changes to a popular article and it jumped from spot 11 on Google to spot 4 in under a week! It’s like a lightbulb has gone on in my head and I now know where I want to get with my blog and how to get there. Best blogging decision I ever made.

Nadine Maffre

Le Long Weekend


I am relatively new to blogging. I had tried to learn about SEO myself. It was soon apparent learning about the basics of SEO, let alone the nuances would be difficult. I wasted so much time trying to work it out. As soon as I implemented Sharon’s tips, I went from DA 1 to DA 22 in a couple of months. Growing up I was surrounded by teachers and I know what quality training looks like. I knew I wanted to do a SEO course but was put off by the low standard available. I was not happy to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars when the teacher was not even qualified and the training materials non-existent. I found many ‘courses’ gave outlandish promises and when pressed cannot back up these claims. When Sharon opened up her Build Blog Freedom I jumped at the change to join. I knew she walked the talk and I knew it would work. And it is! I am learning so much. There is also a private Facebook group. It is very supportive environment full of like-minded people. The fact Sharon is a qualified teacher shows and her courses are excellent. Each module is well thought out and no detail left out. It is also current and constantly being updated. I am so happy to be enrolled in Build Blog Freedom and recommend it wholeheartedly wishing to learn about SEO or affiliate marketing!

Alana Tagliabue

Family Bites Travel

And now I want to help you. Let’s work together and realize the full potential of your blog.


This membership program is ideal for people who…

Already have a blog and have some knowledge of the basics such as SEO and affiliate marketing, OR are serious about learning more

Already make some money from their blog and want more OR are getting good traffic but struggling to monetise

Are ready to follow a strategy for success that keeps them in control and ahead of the competition

This program is NOT for you if you don’t want to invest in your blog and aren’t serious about following strategies for success.


Have a question? You might find the answer below.

How is this course different?

Build Blog Freedom is a blogging membership site which gives you access to courses designed to guide you through the process of building a successful blog. Build Blog Freedom charges a monthly fee which gives you access to a new set of courses each month with all the info you need for success. It does this in a structured way with a framework that allows you to implement the things you learn one step at a time. This way you’ll be able to avoid feeling overwhelmed, balance your life and do things right the first time around. There’s no end date and you will continue to receive support and the latest information on what is working in blogging for as long as you are a member.

Is it really possible to have success with blogging?

There’s a lot of discussion around blogging being a saturated market. While there are a plenty of blogs out there, only a tiny percent of these are actually implementing strategies that are proven to work consistently and effectively, which means low competition for those that want to take blogging seriously. By following proven strategies like the ones provided in Build Blog Freedom, it is absolutely possible to have success with blogging.

Do I need to already have a blog?

Yes. Build Blog Freedom is for bloggers that are looking to take their existing blog to the next level.

Is this suitable for beginners?

While beginners can and have had success with Build Blog Freedom, this program has been designed for people who already have an understanding of the fundamental concepts of blogging, like SEO and affiliate marketing, and are at the stage of their journey where they know their blog is not just a hobby. If you are not familiar with these concepts, the learning curve will be steep. I recommend you read through some of the free SEO content on Digital Nomad Wannabe and come back once you have learned the fundamental concepts and are ready to accelerate your growth.

Do I need to use WordPress

The lessons will show you how to do things in WordPress. It isn’t essential that you have a WordPress site, some students do not, but it will make things easier.

How does the membership work?

I know it’s tough for bloggers to make a large financial investment when they’re still not earning much from their blog which is a big reason why Build Blog Freedom is offered via a membership site. When you sign up, you’ll be given access to new modules each month which you can complete at your own pace – over the month or over a year. You retain access as long as you are a member. You can pick and chose which modules you complete based on your own goals and needs. As this is a membership site, there is no fixed end date which means you’ll continue getting access to new training materials and modules each month. You’ll have assistance for as long as you need it and you’ll always have up to date information on the best blogging strategies.

How much time will I need to complete the course material?

Everything you learn in the course is designed to be applied as you learn it. This means you don’t need to find extra time on top of your usual blogging tasks. You can work on the material as you would normally work on other aspects of blogging only without wasting time on trying to work out how to do things yourself. The course material is also designed to be completely self paced so it’s fine if you need to take time away to travel or look after a sick kid. It will be waiting for you when you return.

Why should I trust a fellow blogger?

The only reason I am able to deliver this course to you is because of my own knowledge and success with blogging. I know it can work and I know the strategies that can make your blog successful, but why trust me? Because I used these exact strategies to grow my travel blog into a 6 figure online business. I’m known for being transparent, and Build Blog Freedom is the most in-depth I’ve ever gone.

What if I'm travelling or something comes up? Can I pause my membership?

You can elect to pause your membership for up to 2 months. You’ll still have access to the modules you’ve already paid for during this time, and you won’t be charged. However, if you wish to pause longer than this, you’ll need to pay $197 for continued, lifetime access to the courses you’ve already paid for.

What if I want to cancel?

There is absolutely no minimum commitment period – you can stay a member for as long or as short as you like. This means that if you aren’t seeing results, you can simply withdraw yourself from the site with nothing to lose.

If you have a question that isn’t listed above, feel free to forward it to [email protected]

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