Thanks for considering me to speak at your event. I know that attendees expect to hear actionable, expert advice when they attend conferences delivered in an engaging style by someone they relate to. This is exactly what I can deliver for your audience.

About me

I have been blogging since 2005, but became a professional blogger in 2015. My first success was my travel blog which I closely followed up with many other successful blogs now in many different niches including personal finance, lifetsyle, parenting and destination blogs. I know how to create profitable blogs following repeatable strategies and this is what I teach.

Before becoming a professional blogger, I was a high school teacher so I have countless experience in designing and delivering educational experiences.

I have spoken at many events over the past few years including the Problogger Training Event in 2016, Tbex Asia in 2015 and Tbex North America in 2018. I have also spoken at Travel Massive and local Melbourne blogging events.

I teach bloggers how to get an audience and monetise their blog via online courses and Facebook groups. I teach at live events for my students multiple times a month.


Sharon is a digital entrepreneur who is passionate about working online and the freedom it brings. After convincing herself and her husband that they should set off overseas indefinitely while building an online business at the end of 2014, Sharon not only pulled it off but built a successful travel blog and affiliate sites that have bought a life of freedom for her and her family. Sharon now focuses on helping other achieve the same results when not travelling the world with her three kids.

Speaking topics

My areas of expertise are SEO, Affiliate Marketing and Sales Funnels as well as anything around turning a blog into a business. Some example topics are:

The 4-Step System For Affiliate Marketing Success

Is affiliate marketing part of the monetisation strategy for your blog? Do you make some money from affiliates but aren’t sure how to take it to the next level?

Affiliate marketing can be one of the best ways to earn a fabulous, passive income from your blog – but you need a great strategy. Learn how to create an effective affiliate marketing strategy that will work for your blog and audience, including how to find affiliate opportunities, how to best present these links and market your affiliate focused articles. Also learn how to continuously improve on this strategy over time.

In this session, I talk about:

  • How to find the most appropriate affiliate opportunities for the best return on your effort
  • How to best present affiliate links to your audience so that they provide maximum return
  • How to market your affiliate articles to an audience who will love them
  • How to combine this into an affiliate marketing strategy which will be beneficial to you and your audience
  • How to improve the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing strategy over time so that your income keeps increasing

How To Get To That Sweet #1 Spot In Google

You’ve picked a keyword, written a post and hit publish. You’ve maybe even made it to the first page of Google search results. Now what should you do to hit that sweet #1 spot?

There is a huge difference between ranking on the top page and ranking #1. Even just one #1 ranking for a great keyword can make a huge difference to any blogger thanks to the big traffic and possible big earnings that can come from this.

However, while it can be easy to hit that first page of Google, getting to #1 is a whole other ball game.

Learn what to do to make this happen beyond keywords with repeatable strategies and become a SEO guru.

In this session, I talk about:

  • Which articles you should target for this special treatment
  • How to write your articles to stop people clicking back
  • Meta descriptions, titles and what you should do to get people clicking on them
  • Link building to boost your rankings (and to make sure you don’t get penalised)
  • Everything else you can do to hit #1

How To Create Sales Funnels For Blogging Success

Have a product that you are struggling to sell or want to get started with your first one but have no idea how to get it to people who will buy?

This session is for you!

We’ll deep dive into sales funnels covering everything you need to know for success from what one actually is to lead magnets to sales emails to a sales page.

Stop hoping to sell more products and start doing it – with an effective sales funnel.

I will talk about:

  • What a sales funnel is and why it matters
  • How to create a sales page that generates sales and creates a sense of urgency
  • How to get your target audience into your funnel using lead magnets
  • How to set up an email series and what to say in your emails so that people will buy

My Secret Strategy For Making Passive Income That Anyone Can Apply 

Want to make more money from blogging? SEO is your answer.

The fact is that many bloggers do not know how to do effective SEO. They might have a SEO plugin installed. They might write an article for a keyword, but they are not utilizing the great power of Google to drive targeted traffic to the right place on their blog to make money. This session will show you how!

Learn how to select great keywords and become an on-page SEO ninja to gain huge amounts of traffic.

This session is not for the faint hearted. You will learn how to select keywords that will make you money regardless of your DA. You will learn how to use 100+ keywords in an article. You will then learn how to further market your articles to increase income.

Stop being scared of SEO and start using it to your advantage.

I will talk about:

  • Selecting good buying keywords that are likely to lead to affiliate commissions
  • On-page SEO – how to do keyword research and optimise keywords to use potentially countless keywords in your articles
  • How to then market the articles for maximum hits (and profit)

What You Can Do Now To Have A Six Figure Blog In A Year’s Time
Every blogger dreams about having a six figure blog at some time but what can you do to get there?

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a dream. Having a financially successful blog is achievable – as long as you are willing to work smart and push your fears of failure away.

The first step is to list your goals and come up with a plan to meet them. It sounds simple but do you know what you should be doing tomorrow to reach your goal of earning five figures 12 months from now?

Learn how to make your goals and come up with an achievable plan to meet them. In this session, I will walk you through the steps you can do this month to get to where you want to be in a year as well as how to make the time to do them.

Stop working endlessly on your blog while dreaming of success and start achieving it.

I will talk about:

  • Why goal setting and task planning is important
  • How to set goals to ensure success
  • How to make a monthly plan (and find time to work on it)
  • What tasks can lead to success (and which you should forget)

How To Go From A Five Figure Blogger To A Six Figure Blogger

You’ve had some success in blogging and you’re making some money from various income sources but you are stuck on how to take it to the next level.

The good news is that you have done the hardest part – you have started making money from your blog. Now, it’s all about scaling what you are already doing and thinking bigger.

Learn how to work out which of your existing income sources you should scale and how. Find new income streams you should create that are scalable and sustainable and will boost your profits year after year and why selling products can be the ultimate way to scale and get you to 6 figures and beyond.

Stop feeling stuck and start working on taking your blog to the next level.

I will talk about:

  • Choosing what to scale in your business and how to go about this
  • Working out new income streams to take your earnings to the next level
  • Why passive sources are the way to go and how to go about earning passive income
  • Why selling products can be the ultimate way to scale and get you to 6 figures and beyond.

What Selling My Travel Blog Can Teach You About Running A Blog As A Business

Ever thought about selling your travel blog?

Even if you would never sell your blog, there is a lot that can be learned by viewing your blog as an asset that can be sold.

Increasing the value of your blog is all about increasing your revenue while decreasing your costs. This session will show you how you can make this happen!

Learn how to calculate the value of your blog, what buyers are looking for and why this should matter to you. You will learn the top 3 things you can do to increase your profits while decreasing the time spent on your blog with a focus on actionable steps for how you can make passive income.

Stop thinking of your blog as a blog and start treating it like a business.

I will talk about:

  • How to calculate the value of a blog and what buyers look for
  • Why you should aim for those same features in your blog
  • The 3 top things you can do to increase your blog profits while scaling back how much time you need to work on it

Next steps

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