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Do you want the freedom to live a life that you love?

I’m Sharon. A normal mum of 3 from Australia who had enough of living a life that was full of work and not enough time actually enjoying life. After I came across the term “digital nomad” I knew I had to be one!

Little did I know what a rewarding and adventurous path this would take me on after I decided in October 2013 that I was going to become a digital nomad.

If you are new to the site, I recommend you read that first post so you can see that I was where you are now. I knew I wanted to work online, but I had no idea how! It also explains why I wanted to be a digital nomad.

My online business is now well established and between this site and many other blogs that I create, run and eventually sell. I am making a very comfortable living even now we are back living in Australia.

I have changed our lives. 

You can read more about me here. Or listen to my story on my podcast here:

On this site, I want to help you create an online income that allows you the freedom to live a life you love.

I do want to emphasise that I have made my money from blogging and niche sites. I am not like 99% of the other blogs in this niche where they have only made money from telling others how to make money. What I write about here works. And it works in other niches.

You can find all my case studies here where I demonstrate this over and over again.

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I used to list all my online income on this site. I stopped this at the start of 2016, but you can read all my income reports here and see a summary here. If you sign up for my newsletter (above) then I also share in that how my income is growing and changing.

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Most of my income has come from my travel blog. Learn my best blogging tips from my biggest blogging posts:

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How To Make Money From Niche Sites

I have built a few niche sites and they have been instrumental to my income success. In my latest niche site case study, I’m sharing how you can build one too. Start here.

Read about my first three Amazon niche sites.

Read my 12 month Niche Site update which describes how they made $11,000 in the first year.

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My best, most helpful information about making money from blogging can be found here.

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