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Survey App Australia: The Top Money Making Apps Australia Offers!


Nathan is back on Digital Nomad Wannabe to share more tips on how to earn money with paid surveys and the apps he uses…

One of the most convenient ways to make money online is with survey apps that pay money.

I’m a huge fan of doing paid surveys for money, and money making apps Australia have the advantage of allowing you to complete surveys from anywhere and at anytime.

Survey money apps are probably the smartest way to earn money from these sites. With notifications switched on, you can complete surveys as soon as they become available, giving you a better chance to earn more.

The best paid survey apps Australia offers can pay anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars, depending on how long and detailed a survey is. And often the more you do, the more you’ll be paid.

For all the best survey apps 2021 offers, simply read the survey app Australia reviews below and start signing up!

Survey App Australia Comparison Chart

Survey SiteMin. Withdrawl ThresholdPays Cash/PayPal?Sign up
Survey Junkie$10YesSign up here
Swagbucks$5YesSign up here
Toluna$5YesSign up here
YouGov$50YesSign up here
IRI Shopper Panel$20NoSign up here
Octopus Group$20YesSign up here
MyView$10NoSign up here
LifePoints$5YesSign up here
Nielsen Mobile$5NoSign up here
MOBROG$5YesSign up here
Opinion Bureau$10NoSign up here
Univox$25YesSign up here

How To Be Successful With Money Making Apps Australia

Survey apps that pay money are a convenient way to earn money from anywhere. However even with the best survey apps that pay, you need a strategy. Here’s mine…

1. Sign up with the site and then download the app.

I recommend first signing up directly through the site and then downloading the iPhone/ Android survey apps that pay below. This makes it easier to learn what the site is about, set up your account and fill in profile information (this is essential for matching you to surveys).

2. Allow notifications.

One of the biggest advantages the best survey apps for Android and iPhone have over completing surveys online is notifications. This is because the faster you complete a survey offer, the better your chance of being accepted and the faster you’ll be paid. Therefore, I highly recommend enabling notifications.

3. Make a genuine effort.

One of the reasons people fail to have success with a surveys for money app is that they fail to take it seriously. These apps rely on your data for decisions, and it’s important to be honest and open with these sites and try your best. This is how you’ll receive consistent survey offers.

4. Get your rewards!

It really is as simple as that. After completing your surveys and receiving enough points, you’ll be eligible for a survey reward of your choosing.

Ready to get started? Read my reviews of the best paying survey apps below and start signing up!

Reviews Of The Best Paid Survey Apps Australia

Survey Junkie

POINTS: 100 = $1

REWARDS: PayPal and gift vouchers



Sign up to Survey Junkie here.

Survey Junkie offers survey on the go app codes.

If you’re looking to get paid cash from your survey rewards app, I recommend signing up to Survey Junkie.

With just 500 points in your account, you can redeem a $5 PayPal payment, with fast processing times and relatively well paid surveys.

A single survey earns you anywhere from 50-300 points on average, depending on the complexity and time it takes (average 15 minutes).

You need to keep your account active to keep your survey paid app points (which means completing a survey every 12 months). For fast cash from this survey money earning app, I recommend signing up now!

Click here to sign up now!



POINTS: 100 (SB’s) = $1

REWARDS: PayPal and gift vouchers



Sign up to Swagbucks here.

When it comes to what is the best survey app, I recommend Swagbucks.

If you want variety in your online survey app for money, give Swagbucks a try. There is always a way to make money with this site.

Not only do they offer consistent surveys, but they can be considered a paid video survey app, paid survey game app and more. This is because you can earn points (or Swag Bucks) from activities like downloading and playing games, watching videos, shopping online and more.

They have a huge range of rewards, you can get cash back by using their vouchers and they pay via PayPal. It’s a great community to be a part of.

Whilst I wouldn’t say they are one of the top paying survey apps, the best part about using Swagbucks is that there is always a way to earn points.

Click here to sign up now!



POINTS: 3000 = $1

REWARDS: PayPal and gift vouchers



Sign up to Toluna here.


The Toluna survey app is among my personal top 3 survey apps.

This is because I find their surveys on the go app consistently offers me well paid surveys. I made my first $30 within a month and found it super convenient to receive funds via PayPal. They also have some good vouchers on offer.

Their take surveys for money app pays you for completing profile information, getting involved in the community discussions and offers sweeps (prize draws) and occasionally higher paid focus trials.

The downside of their take surveys for cash app is that there is a delay to receive both points and payments (up to 6 weeks) but I never find myself waiting too long.

Click here to sign up now!



POINTS: 100 = $1

REWARDS: Cash and gift vouchers



Sign up to YouGov here.

YouGov is a survey for money app legit option.

YouGov is one of the survey apps that actually pay well for your time. This is because they are a respected survey company which prides itself on providing reliable data to its third parties.

If you’re serious about doing surveys for money and are looking for a legit survey app, it’s worth noting that you do need $50 in your account before you can make a cash withdrawal. This can take some time.

The advantage of YouGov is that their surveys are always short (under 20 minutes) and well paid (expect 100-400 points per survey).

Click here to sign up now!


IRi Shopper Panel

POINTS: Cash based

REWARDS: Gift vouchers



Sign up to IRi Shopper Panel here.

If you’re looking for survey apps for money where you don’t actually need to complete surveys, check out IRI Shopper Panel.

Many of you will be familiar with these types of programs – you simply scan the barcodes of items you’ve purchased and receive points for doing so, which you can use to redeem a gift voucher.

Just 6 weeks of scanning can give you a $20 voucher, and they also offer monthly prize draws.

This may not be the survey app that pays the most, but the income is pretty passive since all you’re doing is scanning barcodes. Think of it as a little bonus money!

Click here to sign up now!


Octopus Group

POINTS: Cash based

REWARDS: Cash and gift vouchers



Sign up to Octopus Group here.

The next survey and earn money app is Octopus Group.

The next survey for money app in my list is Octopus Group, one of the best paying survey companies in Australia.

Among the best survey apps Australia Octopus is a standout for paying excellent rates for surveys, high value rewards for referring friends and frequent special offers/trials.

Their survey app for iPad/iPhone and Android offers surveys which pay upwards of $5 on average, and this is also one of the few survey apps that pay you directly into your bank account.

However due to their popularity and high pay per survey you may find you receive fewer survey offers from this site (I do). I recommend signing up anyway.

Click here to sign up now!



POINTS: 100 = $1

REWARDS: Gift vouchers



Sign up to MyView here.

MyView is a survey app for iTunes gift card vouchers and many other options.

One of my favourite apps in my survey app reviews is MyView.

I have found it very easy to earn survey app money with this app. One of the reasons for this is that I receive so many survey offers and am rarely disqualified (note you may have a different experience).

Their survey app for iPhone and Android is clear and transparent, and a single survey can earn you anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars.

They don’t pay in cash but they do have prepaid eftpos cards and a huge range of gift vouchers, and electronic vouchers are received instantly.

Click here to sign up now!



POINTS: 110 = $1

REWARDS: PayPal and gift vouchers



Sign up to LifePoints here.

LifePoints lets you share quick thoughts in their survey app.

One of the quick survey app options in this list is the LifePoints survey app.

This is one of the paid survey apps iPhone and Android users can download and claim a reward with just $5 in their account. This panel survey app has features like an activity journal tracking and the site offers product reviews.

Their survey pay varies but I received many survey offers when I first joined and was quickly able to claim a $5 voucher. Note that there can be a delay of up to 10 business days for PayPal payments.

Click here to sign up now!


Nielsen Mobile

POINTS: Cash based

REWARDS: Earn up to $50 per year in vouchers



Sign up to Nielsen Mobile here.

Nielsen Mobile Panel is the on the go survey app codes where you can do as little as possible to earn points.

The Nielsen survey app is one of the genuine money making survey apps where you can do very little and earn money.

This app works a little differently than other opinion survey app listings. By installing the Nielsen survey app across your devices, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to $50 per year (and sometimes more) just by running the app in the background.

The app tracks your internet usage and they state that privacy can be assured. If this sounds like your thing, this is one of the easiest paid survey app Australia options to earn money.

Click here to sign up now!



POINTS: Cash based




Sign up to MOBROG here.

If you google opinion survey app, an option that will appear is MOBROG!

One of the legitimate survey apps I recommend signing up to is MOBROG.

With a super low $5 pay-out threshold and the ability to get paid into your PayPal account, this is one of the few nearly instant survey app options.

This is also one of the legit survey apps that holds regular prize draws where you can win free prizes. And when it comes to their survey offers, they’re pretty much on par with the highest paying survey apps.

Click here to sign up now!


Opinion Bureau

POINTS: Cash based

REWARDS: Gift vouchers



Sign up to Opinion Bureau here.

The daily survey app Opinion Bureau offers easy survey app money.

If you’re looking for well paid survey offers, one of the best survey apps to get paid is Opinion Bureau.

This is an app where you’ll want to have notifications switched on. I have received many $10 survey offers making this one of the best survey rewards app payments. And with a low pay-out threshold of $10, this means instant survey money.

The downside (and something which stops this being the very best survey earning app) is that they only pay in gift vouchers. However, they have a good offering and you can earn $5 when you sign up.

If you’re after easy gift vouchers then this is one of the best survey apps to make money.

Click here to sign up now!



POINTS: 100 = $1

REWARDS: PayPal and gift vouchers



Sign up to Univox here.

The final best survey app to earn money is Univox.

The final app in my list of best survey apps that pay you is the Univox survey app.

With a whole range of ways to redeem points, this is one of the best survey apps for money for variety. You can opt for a PayPal payment, prepaid Mastercard, Amazon gift voucher and more.

When it comes to their app, they offer one of the best paid survey apps for iPhone and Android with good functionality.

Progress can be slow at first, but perseverance and consistency can lead to this being your best earning survey app. Plus, you get $2 just for signing up!

Click here to sign up now!

Have you had success with any of the apps above or any other survey app Australia options? Let me know in the comments below!

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