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How To Start A Money Making Blog: Case Study 2019


Thinking about starting a new site? Working on your old site and feel like it’s going nowhere? Is your blog going well but you are always interested in what’s working for others?

Then you will love my latest case study!

This is my fourth case study and I have a strong feeling it’s going to be best yet.

Not just because it’s focused on what’s working RIGHT NOW in blogging, SEO, Facebook and monetisation, but because I am 100% committed to making this site into my biggest project yet. I have so many different plans past my usual formula of SEO + affiliate marketing and I can’t wait to share it all with you to help you grow your own blogs.

As always, I’m going to share behind the scenes information of everything I do, how much traffic my blog is getting and how much money it is making, all while teaching you how to do it too!

Sound good?

Let’s start!

You will learn...

  1. Why I am doing this
  2. How you can get case study updates and what to expect
  3. Information about my new site
  4. Update #1: How to decide when to start a new blog versus working on your existing and the strategy behind my site
  5. Update #2: Exactly what I did during the first three months of  building my site

1. Why I am doing this

There are many reasons why I am doing this.

The main ones are:

  1. To show people who keep making excuses about how building a successful blog isn’t possible that it is. That it’s not too competitive. That you don’t need to work so hard. You just have to work smart.
  2. To show that the strategies I talk about on this site and channels are repeatable. Having blogging success isn’t about luck; it’s being strategic.
  3. To keep my hands dirty. I never want to be someone who just talks about how to have blogging and SEO success. The only way to be good at these strategies is to keep working on them.
  4. Because I have realised I want to build a site that truly mirrors my passions that I will enjoy building that also has a huge scope for monetisation but is also one that I can manage from a distance – that basically meets all the reasons why I built an online business in the first place. More about this in the first update below.
  5. So you’ll be able to see all the steps I take to build up a site and mirror them if you want to learn how to have a successful blog.
  6. Because I want to do things I have not done before and I have found that publishing what I am doing on this site keeps me accountable and pushing forward 🙂

I talk more about this in the first update below.

I really hope this case study leads to fewer excuses and more success for everyone.

2. How you can get case study updates and what to expect

I am doing this case study different from my previous ones. Instead of all updates being on this blog, they will be on Facebook instead. You can watch them live on either the Digital Nomad Wannabe Facebook page or via the DNW Facebook group. Make sure you join both to catch the lives by clicking on the links.

I am doing this because:

  1. I love how interactive Facebook lives are. I hope to have a real conversation with you about how I am doing this by answering your questions in real time
  2. I’m time poor and I find it easier to make it happen if I am committed to a Facebook live rather than writing a post

If you can’t catch them live, they are always left in Facebook for you to view later. I also upload them to YouTube (you can subscribe to my channel here) and will publish them to this page.

Updates occur approximately monthly. At the moment, I am talking about the site in the past as I started it in October 2018 and only started publishing updates in June 2019. I see these updates being in real time soon.

3. Information about my new site

My new site is a destination site on Malaysia. It’s called Dive Into Malaysia, and it focuses on travel in Malaysia.

The strategies and techniques I discuss in this update are generally applicable across any niche – don’t think they only apply to destination sites and travel blogs. I have applied the same strategies on my lifestyle blog, my personal finance blog and my parenting niche sites.

4. Update #1: How to decide when to start a new blog versus working on your existing and the strategy behind my site

In my first update, you will learn:

  • The questions to ask yourself when working out whether to start a new blog or to keep working on your existing one
  • Why I started a new blog
  • Why you should align your goals for your blog with your life goals and how I have done this
  • My overall strategy for my new site

I highly recommend you watch the above update before anything else as it will give you a context for everything else I talk about.

5. Update #2: Exactly what I did during the first three months of  building my site

In my second update, you will learn:

  • How to come up with a domain name
  • What posts to put up first
  • How much effort to put into the look of the site and theme
  • What to put in a menu
  • What to do about social media accounts
  • What link building to do
  • How much content to put up and what it should be
  • How to start monetising

Click here to download my checklist for SEO success on a new site that follows the steps discussed here.

Final Words

This case study article will be updated regularly. Make sure you bookmark this page and sign up for the DNW newsletter so you get notified of new updates.

I also highly recommend you like the Digital Nomad Wannabe Facebook page  and join the DNW Facebook group so you join the case study lives and ask any questions you have. You can also ask questions in the comments below or share your own experiences – I’d love to read them.

If you are starting your own site, make sure you click here and download my checklist for SEO success on a new site.

About the Author

Sharon Gourlay is passionate about working online and helping others to follow in her footsteps. She left Australia with her young family at the end of 2014 determined to grow an online business. She succeeded and now supports her family of 5 to live their dream lifestyle.

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