For the first two years of our digital nomad journey I tracked how much money we earned online in income reports and shared it with you here. All amounts were in US dollars until February 2015 when I switched to AUD. I still share income details with my subscribers so sign up to my newsletter here:

December 2013: $1800

Our first pay day!  J finally earned some money from his IT product and this is where all this money comes from.

January 2014: $450 + free accommodation

J earned this from his IT product.  I also received about $500 of accommodation in exchange for a review.

February: $780

J earned $750 from his IT product, I earned $30 from my blog.

March: $620

J earned $370 from his IT product (should have been more but there was outstanding bills in his venture).  I earned $250 with a sponsored post on Where’s Sharon.

April: $770

J earned all this money from his IT product.

May: $1420

I earned $820 and J earned $600.

June: $930 + laptop

Money from my blog, J’s gambling product and travel writing.  We also got a new laptop.

July: $1170 + 1 weeks travel

Money from my blog and J’s gambling product.  We also spent a week in Tasmania with all accommodation and some activities sponsored.

August: $1180 + 1 weeks travel

Money from travel blog and gambling product. We also spent a week in Singapore which was sponsored.

September: $1420 + weekend travel

We earned money through my travel blog and J’s gambling product. I started to earn money from my Amazon niche sites.

October: $1025 + weekend travel

We earned money from the travel blog, gambling product and niche sites.

November: $825 + weekend travel

We earned money from the travel blog, this site, niche sites and the gambling product.

December: $1041

The majority of our earnings came from our travel blog with an increasing amount from our niche sites. This was the month we left Australia to be digital nomads!

January 2015: $1308 + $4000 of travel

This was my favourite month so far as I earned all of the money – the majority coming from my travel blog with a few hundred from my niche sites. We also had three fabulous weeks of sponsored travel. This month I also met my first income goal – half of what we need to sustain our current lifestyle in Malaysia.

February 2015: $2,991

A fabulous month with most of this money coming from my travel blog. My niches sites also made a good contribution as did J’s freelancing work.

March 2015: $5,379 + 4 days travel

Our best month yet! A big chunk came from J’s freelance work but the majority was from my travel blog and niche sites. I am now on $76 a day passive income!

April 2015: $4,065

An income drop thanks to not making much money from freelancing. However, it has been the best month yet for my sites with the majority of money coming from them. Passive income has just about reached the level we need for our living costs!

May 2015: $6,205

Our best month yet thanks to ever increasing affiliate income and a bit of freelancing. We hit our big goal of $150/day passive income.

June 2015: $6,184

A fabulous month as we stopped doing short term income earners to focus on the long term and upped out passive income to over $200/day.

July 2015: $6,457

Another great month as we increase our earnings while doing no freelancing work.

August 2015: $6,855

A great month as we made this solely from affiliate income and Google AdSense.

September 2015 $7,181

All passive income!

October 2015 $7993

November 2015 $9,254

December 2015 $12,064

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