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Niche Site Case Study 2: Link Building for Niche Sites


You’ve built your niche site. Now what?

I wish I could say it was as simple as coming up with a great niche, doing some great keyword research and building a great site around it, but there is one more element.

Link building.

There are definitely people out there who report success without any link building. I would say they are the exception rather than the rule and I imagine if they had done some link building as well, their profits could be far greater.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to go about link building depending on your time, budget and preferences. Keep reading (and listening!) to learn more.

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Step 8: Start a link building plan

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Link Building for Niche Sites. Learn all you need to know about building links to niche sites. Grow your authority site with external links – learn here where to get those links and how to go about it. #NicheSiteSuccess #AuthoritySite #Linkbuilding

When Google is working out how to rank web pages in their search results, a huge deciding factor is links from other sites to those pages. Google basically sees links to a page as “votes” that it’s worthwhile content.

This means the easiest way to get your web page and site to rank is by growing links to your key pages.

When you are first starting out this can be overwhelming.

How do you grow links to your niche sites?

Thankfully, there are many answers. There’s also no ultra quick way to do this without a fair amount of risk. You are going to have to work at this but it is very achievable.

The first step is to decide which types of links. White hat? Grey hat? Black hat? What the hell are these hat things anyway?

Listen below for my introduction to link building which will answer these questions for you and help you work out a direction for your link building.

After listening to this file, what type of link building do you want to do? White hat? Grey hat? Do pbns appeal, buying links, guest posting? Start thinking about, and making notes, about how you can build links.

I do a mixture of white hat and grey hat for my Amazon affiliate niche sites. So far I have been getting some links from my blogging network and I also build PBNs. I throw in some comment links.

My brother built two more niche sites for me last month. I must admit that I am ready to try something different and easier than PBNs. Time to experiment! Fingers crossed this turns out well!

Our niche sites

It’s been nearly two months since my last update and just over 4 months since my brother built these sites under my instruction. How are they progressing?

The stats below are for the last month except the current ranking which is right now. The number in the bracket is where the site was ranking in my last update in December.

Site 1

Ranking for: 999 keywords (438) – it doesn’t show higher than 999.
Main keyword is ranking: 9.6 on average (27), currently 9!
Sessions from organic search: 813 (138)
Money made: US$63 ($1)

Site 2

Ranking for: 306  keywords (106 )
Main keyword is ranking: 106 on average (135), currently 56 – first time I have seen it below 100!
Sessions from organic search: 43 (41)
Money made: 0

We have finished link building to these sites for the time being.

I am feeling the same as two months ago. I love the progress of site 1 – it is doing better than I expected this soon. I am disappointed by Site 2. It’s only early days but when I looked into the main keyword again, it has actually become more competitive since we started and I’m worried that we picked something that was too competitive in the first place. I am trying to be patient.

Site 1 is showing similar progress to my last niche sites.

Time and money spent on step 8

It is hard to estimate time on planning as I basically jumped in and started building my PBN.

It costs nothing to plan.

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