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Niche Site Case Study 2: 10 Month Update


It’s now been ten months since we set up two new niche sites. It’s been awhile since I wrote an update on their progress so you may be wondering how they are going as we approach the one year mark.

You can read more about that below. First, I have an update about my niche sites from my first niche site case study.

I have decided to sell these sites as well as the adSense site I built about working from home.

I have been thinking about this for a long time mainly because it is draining to have so many sites. I’m stressed and overworked and I need to simplify my work life so I’m going to stop thinking and start acting.

Even though these sites take very little time to maintain, they do play on my mind and between the zillion sites in my business, the little bits of time add up.

I’m hoping to also sell my associated PBNs but we’ll see what can be negotiated. I plan to use a site like Empire Flippers or Flippa.

I, of course, will let you know how it goes on here. It will be an interesting experience and a great way to finish off my first niche site case study which started three years ago.

niche site case study 2

Niche Site Case Study 2 update

The stats below are for the last month. The number in the bracket is where the site was ranking in my last update.

Site 1

Main keyword is ranking: 9.1 on average (9.5)
Sessions from organic search:  2840 (2540 )
Money made: US$781 ($481)
Category commission rate of main keyword: 4.5%

Site 1 is still going well. However, I feel it has stalled somewhat and the second buying guide isn’t ranking as well as it used to.

I’m not sure if I should just be more patient (probably!) as 10 months is still not that long and it does seem like sites are taking longer and longer to rank when they are new. I’m hearing this from other niche site owners and seeing it in my own experience.

My other alternative is to buy more links.

I’m leaning towards being more patient as that’s usually all that is required and is a simpler step.

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Site 2

In the last update, at the 8 month mark, we decided to change our niche for this site. You can read more about this here.

We kept the same domain name but we have changed the buying guide for this site. We added new PBN links a few weeks ago (we removed the old ones a few months ago).

This means it is like starting from scratch except our domain has aged somewhat and we did have some other links which remained to the site.

Current metrics:

Main keyword is ranking: 109
Sessions from organic search:  210
Money made: US$0
Category commission rate of main keyword: 6%

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