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Episode 5: How To Pick Yourself Up When Blogging Slaps You In The Face – Dealing With Blogging Setbacks


How do you deal with blogging setbacks?

If there’s one thing that is 100% sure, it’s that you are going to experience blogging setbacks – and many of them! Blogs aren’t magical and setbacks are a part of life. How you deal with them is one of the things that differentiate people who have blogging success and those who don’t.

Today, you will learn some strategies for dealing with blogging setbacks whether its big things like a Google penalty or coronavirus killing your traffic or smaller things like handling negative criticism.

Have a plan in place so that when the setback Titanic hits, your blog doesn’t go down with it!


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Here’s an overview of what we talked about today:

  • [3:05] Types of setbacks
  • [6:15] How people handle setbacks is one of the differences between hobby and business bloggers
  • [7:29] Ways to get out initial frustration/anger/sadness
  • [11:00] Ways to get back to work after a setback
  • [14:40] Ways to deal with a common theme of what worries you about blogging

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There are many types of setbacks in blogging. Some I have experienced myself are:

  • My main affiliate account for travel at cj.com getting shut down right after we had left Australia to be digital nomads and we needed it to survive
  • GetResponse shutting my email account
  • PayPal stopping my account from accepting payments from people unless they rung them first!
  • Awin cancelling overnight 80% of bookings in my account where I was due commissions!
  • Bad Google update in Jan which sent my income from one site from $5000 a month to $500
  • My last pregnancy. In the context of my business, this was a massive setback
  • Coronavirus stopping a long-awaited work trip to Europe for a convention and conference

Then there are things like unsupportive family, dealing with negative criticism or your blog just not growing the way you want.

How To Pick Yourself Up When Blogging Slaps You In The Face – Dealing With Blogging Setbacks

Some ways I recommend dealing with this:

  • Start by getting the emotions out of your system – exercise, uplifting music, talking to a blogging friend, having a cry and taking a break can all help with this. Set a time limit for how long you are allowed to be upset about it though
  • Get back to your why. Remind yourself why growing an online business is important and really feel inside how important it is to you
  • Don’t allow negative self-talk and don’t be around negative people
  • Think about people that have made this work, like me, as proof that you can too
  • Start with methodical tasks, like checking social media and email, creating new affiliate links, checking VA work or anything else you can do easily without thinking much to get back in the swing of it
  • Don’t look at stuff that is just going to upset you. This doesn’t mean ignoring problems. Just don’t give yourself more stress for no reason
  • Do something fresh in your business! Like I did with my latest Europe trip setback. I started this podcast!

One of the big differences between hobby and business bloggers is how they handle setbacks and how effectively they can get back on the proverbial horse afterwards. It’s so important you can handle setbacks in your business too!

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