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Episode 2.5: Productive Ways Bloggers Can Take Advantage Of The Corona Shutdown


It’s a time of great change as coronavirus and all the social and economic implications of it are felt all around the world. This can make it very hard to blog and build our business in the way we want especially if you are in a niche that has already been hit hard.

In this episode, we look beyond the negative to talk about how you can take advantage of the Corona shutdown with a list of ways to stay productive and grow your business.  By the end of this, you’ll have a list of tasks to choose from to help make sure your blogging business bounces back as quickly as possible.

From working out how to cut your list down if shutdowns result in you having less time to build your business to ramping things up if you have more time, I share all my tips.

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Here’s an overview of what we talked about today:

  • [3:08] Dealing with negativity
  • [5:00] Going back to your why
  • [5:21] Working on mindset
  • [5:55] Talking to your audience
  • [6:52] Goal setting and planning
  • [8:43] Doing a course
  • [9:40] Giving your blog a Spring/Autumn clean
  • [10:51] Doing something fresh
  • [11:39] Pivoting for blog topic ideas
  • [12:23] Keep producing quality SEO and affiliate content
  • [12:41] Having a link building campaign
  • [13:00] Starting a second blog

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Episode 2.5: Productive Ways Bloggers Can Take Advantage Of The Corona Shutdown

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Sharon is passionate about working online and helping others to follow in her footsteps. She started blogging in 2005, but became serious about it when she left Australia with her young family at the end of 2014 determined to grow an online business. She succeeded by becoming a SEO and affiliate marketing expert and now supports her family of 5 to live their dream lifestyle. She has a degree in web development, a graduate diploma of education (secondary teaching) and consumes everything SEO. She loves putting her teaching diploma to good use by teaching other bloggers how to have the same success that she has had.

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