A proven, powerful strategy for driving consistent traffic to your blog, day after day, with minimal ongoing effort.


An all too common mistake bloggers make…

“Write quality content and the readers will come.” This is common advice given to bloggers, often by bloggers, and it’s something I once believed too.

Every blogger writes content with the expectation that it will be seen. Quality content is important. However, the internet is a big place, and competition is only increasing.

Without an effective strategy for having your content appear in search engine results, your content will sink rather than swim – no matter how good it is.

Quality content is not enough. You need to also TELL search engines that your content is good enough. How? By applying real SEO strategies.


My background – and other myths holding you back.

My name is Sharon Gourlay, and in 2014 I decided to get serious about blogging. After travel blogging for many years, and with plenty of quality content, I was at a loss as to why my travel blog just wasn’t gaining traction. Traffic was sporadic at best.

Then I learnt about SEO. Once I saw the impact it had on my travel blog, I invested everything into becoming an SEO expert. That is when my blog started to grow, I started to earn money, and I began to gain authority in the bloggersphere.

I transformed my blog from an online journal to a multiple 6 figure site, sold it for 37 times its monthly income, and replicated my success over multiple niches (and continue to do so).

I know what it takes to get tons of search engine traffic, and I know how SEO can change a life.


Success starts with identifying the myths that are holding you back. There are many bloggers who COULD have success but believe the following…

Myth #1 – People believe SEO is just for tech heads. The truth is that SEO is not difficult. Anyone can do it. SEO is a skill, and like any skill, it can be mastered by following a strategy.

Myth #2 – People believe that bloggers who have success with SEO are different to them. This is an easy myth to believe because it stops us from even trying. In reality, the only difference is that bloggers having success with SEO are using SEO!

Myth #3 –  People believe that SEO changes too frequently to understand it. SEO does change. But the fundamentals have remained the same for years and will continue to do so.

Myth #4 –  People believe that SEO takes a long time to work. It can, but it doesn’t have to. There is a quick and easy way to start seeing success.


The Secret To SEO Success

The myths I listed above can stop bloggers from even trying to understand SEO. But as someone who has had massive success with SEO over numerous sites, here’s my take on the matter…


Search engine traffic is the very best traffic you can get.

It’s consistent, it’s targeted and it works for every blog in every niche. It is the best way to bring visitors to your blog and earn income (in combination with a monetisation method).


Anyone can do SEO effectively and get results.

SEO is not difficult. The reality is that SEO is just a strategy, and, as with any strategy, it can be mastered… If you begin today, you can start to see results fast.


Getting to the #1 spot for a single keyword can change your life.

SEO works best in combination with a method of monetisation. If you can do this, it’s possible to earn enough money from a single keyword to quit your day job. SEO is just that powerful.


SEO has the power to transform your life.

I owe all my blogging success to learning about SEO, and you’re about to discover exactly how you too can benefit from SEO.

Just imagine seeing the number of visitors to your blog increase day after day, week after week, year after year. You could even gain the courage to quit your day job and blog full-time… I did!

And this is just at the beginning.

Don’t write another word without a plan for generating traffic.


A powerful strategy for bringing visitors to your blog on autopilot


The #1 Way To Grow Your Blog

Search engine traffic is the most powerful traffic you can get. It should be your #1 focus.

SEO Fast Track brings together everything a blogger needs to know to get their content on the top pages of search engine results. It’s a cheap course, easy to implement and beginner friendly whilst also totally relevant for established bloggers.


After starting Sharon’s SEO course, I have seen an increase in search traffic to new posts thanks to doing detailed keyword research and writing the articles following the lessons. My traffic is now 62% higher than it was when I started this course 5 months ago. On my new blog, I saw an increase of almost 80% since starting the course.

Angela Corrias

Chasing The Unexpected

Step-by-step, SEO Fast Track helps you achieve the following:

Bring a consistent flow of traffic to your blog on autopilot by making sure your blog appears high in search engine results


Identify the best keywords that get your blog ranking in the top search engine results


Learn how to ensure the content you write will be seen by creating detailed keyword plans


Grow authority and income (with a monetisation method) by bringing targeted visitors to your blog


Optimise your existing content by applying SEO strategies so that it can appear in the top search engine results


Redesign your site structure so that your entire blog is optimised for SEO


Get access to checklists, videos, audio files and roadmaps to feel totally in control


Gain access to full support and guidance throughout the course in the private, members-only Facebook group



All this for a one-off fee of $297 $97*


*GST will be added for Australians. All transaction are in USD.


” SEO Fast Track is the most simple and effective way for bloggers to use SEO on their blogs, and to get content appearing in the top search engine results


Believe it or not, SEO is not difficult – but there may be a few new concepts (especially for beginners).

This is why SEO Fast Track has been designed by a blogger, for a blogger. It’s clear, practical and taught in a way for you to get real results using SEO on your blog. This is the way to fast track your SEO success.


SEO Fast Track Includes









The Complete Package

SEO Fast Track is an Up-To-Date Course that gives you access to 7 Modules covering every area of SEO. There is no time limit – complete the course at your own pace. The modules are listed below.

Module 1. Setting Up Your Site

This module covers everything you need to do across your blog to optimise it for SEO. This includes strategies like site navigation, internal linking, setting up an SEO plugin, site speed and more.


Module 2. Keywords

Finding and using keywords are a fundamental part of having success with SEO. This module covers how to research keywords, how to create keyword plans and how to use a secret super-low competition keyword strategy.


Module 3. Quality Content

This module covers how to create quality content that your readers AND search engines will love including how to get your content highlighted in search results.


Module 4. Link Building

This module covers how to get links to your blog to grow your authority for the ultimate rankings boost.


Module 5. Relevancy

Relevancy is a term you will keep hearing in SEO Fast Track. This module covers how to use relevancy in all areas of your SEO to get your content ranking higher easily.


Module 6. Tracking

This module covers what to track and how to analyse the results so you can be sure you are always improving SEO on your blog for ongoing results.


Module 7. Advanced

The final module extends what you have already learned to discuss E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trust), what to do with content you wrote before this course, cornerstone content, what to do when things go wrong and how to create a great SEO strategy for ongoing success.


Plus Full Support In The Members-Only, Private Facebook Group

Just as SEO is not complicated, SEO Fast Track is not a complicated course. However, many of the concepts may be new to you – particularly for beginners. This is why I offer my full support in the members-only private Facebook group, which you will receive lifetime access to.

It not only puts you in direct contact with me, but also other bloggers who are just as dedicated to SEO success as you are!



All this for a one-off fee of $297 $97*


*GST will be added for Australians. All transaction are in USD.


I have been blogging for 6 years and a year ago I decided to become more serious about my ‘hobby’ blog and look at ways to monetise it. The best decision I made for my blog was to join Sharon’s SEO course and the evidence is in the analytics. Since starting, my page views have increased by 311% and last months income equaled the amount I made for the whole previous year. I contribute the major reason for this huge growth to the SEO course which I managed to implement even while parenting and working part-time in my ‘real job’. This has completely changed the way I blog and for the better. Now my blog posts actually reach readers that are searching on Google for my topic that I blog about.

Kate Comer

Rolling Along With Kids


Your SEO Success Story Starts Here

SEO Fast Tracks is not overly technical. Instead, it is a practical way bloggers can use SEO. It guides you through everything. It is self-paced but can be completed in as little as one day a week for a month. Here’s what you achieve in that time.

Start writing killer content optimised for SEO

SEO Fast Track brings the best SEO practices together for bloggers to implement in actionable steps so you put out the best content possible to drive visitors to your blog. You’ll always know what to write about and you’ll be writing great content from the beginning.


Optimise your existing content for more success

You may be surprised to learn that one of the fastest ways to have success with SEO is by optimising your existing posts – even if you didn’t write them with SEO in mind. I’ll walk you through this so that you can have success as soon as possible.


Boost your readers and income

SEO is one of the most effective ways to grow visitors to your site and, in combination with a monetisation method, earn money. With the expert strategies in SEO Fast Track, you’ll learn how to create a consistent stream of traffic to your site so that you can seriously grow your blog.


Make the most of your site structure

SEO isn’t just about a single article – it’s a site wide process. You’ll learn how to set up your blog for SEO, the best site structure and what you need to do to track your results.


I’ve been applying the techniques in SEO course for almost three months. During this time, my monthly page views have almost doubled, from 27K to 52K. 92% of that traffic is organic search. Using Sharon’s Keysearch strategies to research keywords has completely changed the way I plan and write posts. Previously, my approach to SEO could best be characterized as stabbing in the dark. Her technique for optimizing old posts has also brought new life to many neglected older posts. The lessons are broken into nicely bite-sized chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed. Sharon is also extremely responsive to any questions her students have.

Ingrid Truemper

Second-Half Travels



By the end of SEO Fast Track, you will…

Have a personalised SEO strategy for going forward and be confident in all areas of SEO.


Have the best optimised site structure for your blog and a plan for exactly how to generate traffic.

Never waste time again as you’ll know exactly how to create keyword plans and write SEO optimised content to get your blog in top search engine results.

Be in the best position to monetise your blog by combining your SEO knowledge with a monetisation method (like affiliate marketing and advertising).


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who is SEO Fast Track for?

SEO Fast Track is a complete SEO course designed for bloggers who want to get their content appearing in search engine results. It teaches all the main concepts from beginner to advanced and how to apply them directly to blogging. Although I reference bloggers throughout the course, this course is also suitable for anyone with a website looking to increase their traffic.

Q: How long does the course take?

The course is completely self-paced so you can take as long as you need. How long it takes will depend on how much you already know but it is designed to be completed within a month if you dedicate a day a week to it. SEO is an ongoing process, and while you can finish the course within a few days, mastering these strategies can take some time – but you should start seeing results within months.

Q: What if I’m new to SEO?

SEO Fast Track introduces you to the main areas of SEO and while some concepts may be unfamiliar to you, everything is explained. The course does not assume you have any SEO knowledge.

Q: Do I need to buy any expensive tools?

The only tool I highly recommend you purchase for SEO success (in addition to this course) is a keyword tool. In the course, I recommend and use KeySearch. This is just a small fee per month, but you can choose not to purchase this if you wish.

Q: What if I don’t want to link build?

While I highly recommend you build links to your blog when you’re starting out, SEO Fast Track also covers a super-low competition strategy. In this strategy, you don’t need to build links.

Q: How is this course different to other courses you have released?

This course is purely focused on increasing your blog’s traffic with SEO. It’s designed to be streamlined and as easy as possible to work through in the fastest time possible so you can finish with great SEO results. It’s completely up-to-date including covering recent events like Google’s Helpful Content update.

Q: Do I need to use WordPress?

Great SEO is not dependent on your blog platform. While there are some instructions in this course that are WordPress specific (like installing an SEO plugin), the majority are not as what platform you use makes no difference to how to find and use keywords, link building, relevancy, etc.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

When you sign up for SEO Fast Track, you’ll have access to the course until the end of 2023. You’ll also receive lifetime access to the private Facebook group.

Other questions can be emailed to [email protected]



I am relatively new to blogging. I had tried to learn about SEO myself. It was soon apparent learning about the basics of SEO, let alone the nuances would be difficult. I wasted so much time trying to work it out.

As soon as I implemented Sharon’s tips, I went from DA 1 to DA 22 in a couple of months.

Growing up, I was surrounded by teachers and I know what quality training looks like. I knew I wanted to do a SEO course but was put off by the low standard available. I was not happy to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars when the teacher was not even qualified and the training materials non-existent. I found many ‘courses’ gave outlandish promises and when pressed cannot back up these claims.

The fact Sharon is a qualified teacher shows and her courses are excellent. Each module is well thought out and no detail left out. It is also current having only been written at the end of 2022. I am so happy to be enrolled and recommend it wholeheartedly!

Alana Tagliabue

Family Bites Travel

Sharon’s SEO course helped me to understand that SEO is much more than a good keyword. That to be good at SEO, you need to work on your blog at all levels. This SEO course gave me the right tools to work on my blog in a more effective way, to understand what is important and what are superfluous tasks to be successful in SEO and other aspects of my blog.


World in Paris

Start now and realise your blog’s true traffic-generating potential!

Get access to seven SEO modules

Get instant access to videos, checklists and downloadables

Get lifetime access to the private Facebook Group



All this for a one-off fee of $297 $97*



*GST will be added for Australians. All transaction are in USD.