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Episode 26: Why I Start Multiple Blogs (And You Should Too)


Have you ever thought about starting another blog?

I haven’t just thought about it – I have created many. I have found it a great way to grow my business, up my income and create sellable assets. I also find it fun!

In the last year, I’ve also learned firsthand what an important tool it is to diversify your income. As the pandemic continues to stretch on, there are many challenging niches out there as well as many opportunities. Some blogging niches are having their best days ever while some are basically dead.

Starting a new blog is a great way to hedge your bets and to make sure you always have at least one site that’s going really well. There’s never been a better time to get started.

In this episode, learn why I start multiple blogs, the benefits, the drawbacks, mistakes to avoid and how to make your own decision about whether to build that next blog or not.

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Here’s an overview of what we talked about today:

  • Why I have many blogs (and keep creating more)
  • The benefits of creating multiple blogs
  • The drawbacks of creating multiple blogs
  • Mistakes to avoid when it comes to creating more sites
  • Making your own decision abotu whether you should start another site or not

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Why I Start Multiple Blogs (And You Should Too)

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Click here to download my checklist for SEO success on a new site – perfect next steps for when you start your second site!

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About the Author

Sharon is passionate about working online and helping others to follow in her footsteps. She started blogging in 2005, but became serious about it when she left Australia with her young family at the end of 2014 determined to grow an online business. She succeeded by becoming a SEO and affiliate marketing expert and now supports her family of 5 to live their dream lifestyle. She has a degree in web development, a graduate diploma of education (secondary teaching) and consumes everything SEO. She loves putting her teaching diploma to good use by teaching other bloggers how to have the same success that she has had.

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