Creating Money Making Niche Sites


Do you want to Make Money from Niche Sites?

The easiest way that I make money online is from niche sites. These are small sites that are focused on a narrow topic and are heavily monetised.

Not sure what a niche site is or whether you should build one? Keep reading!

Unsure where to start or looking to optimise your existing niche site? Keep reading! I’ll help you build a successful niche site.


Are you wondering what a niche site is and why you would want to build one anyway? Start with this article about why I think everyone should build a niche site. It also includes all the income I made for my first two niche sites over the first two years.

You can find all my niche site updates in my current Niche Site Case Study 2 here. In these updates, I describe step by step how to build a successful Amazon affiliate niche site and I give regular updates of how my second round of niche sites are progressing in both rankings and earnings.

You can also read all my first niche site case study updates here.

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