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DNW Interview: How To Monetise Your Blog With Mediavine

How can you monetise your blog quickly and easily? Mediavine!

If you have spent any time in blogging groups, you may have come across Mediavine. Mediavine is a service that helps you monetise your blog with display advertising.

In this interview from the DNW – Making Money From Blogging Facebook group, I chat to Amber, co-founder of Mediavine about everything you need to know to work out if Mediavine is a good fit for your blog including what to do to get started and to make more money once you’ve joined.

The video interview above covers:

  • What exactly is Mediavine
  • Why bloggers should work with Mediavine
  • Which blogs shouldn’t work with Mediavine
  • What are the advantages of using Mediavine over a competitor?
  • Traffic levels required to use Mediavine
  • How bloggers can get started with Mediavine
  • How long it takes from applying to having the ads on your blog
  • How payment works
  • How Mediavine calculates how much you get paid
  • How the different frequency levels of ads work within Mediavine
  • What customisation is available
  • What can bloggers to do to increase earnings other than upping level
  • How Mediavine helps you be GDPR compliant

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