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Best Paid Surveys UK: How To Get Paid For Surveys UK Offers [2024]


Suzi is here with her best survey tips for our UK readers. In this article, she shares the top UK survey sites with the best rewards. If you want to make some extra cash online now, here are Suzi’s best tips!

Are you looking for the best paid surveys UK offers that pay cash?  Or would you prefer the best survey sites UK has that provide its members with a great range of gift vouchers?  Whatever your prefered method to get paid for surveys, UK has a range of great sites worth checking out.

I’ve spent a few years completing the different surveys for money UK has, so I’ve figured out which are the best online surveys for money UK has and which ones are better for being rewarded by gift vouchers.   Some of these UK paid surveys seem to offer a better return on your points for gift vouchers, while others appear to encourage their members to take the cash.

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For me, I think the best paid online surveys UK has are the ones that offer their members the option of both cash and gift vouchers.  Also I like to focus my effort on the online paid surveys UK has that provide the rewards fast and don’t take weeks to process.

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If you’re just starting out trying to earn money from surveys UK sites, but not sure which sites offer what rewards, then this is the perfect guide for you.  In this guide, I detail some of the best paid survey sites UK offers as well as how they reward their members.  This way you’ll know which survey sites to focus your time on.

Note that I do recommend you join up to as many top paid survey UK sites as possible. This is the best way to maximise your rewards and to make sure there is always a survey to do. 

Want to start right now? I recommend starting with Swagbucks here, LifePoints here or 5 Surveys here.

Compare The Best Paid Surveys UK 2024

If you simply want to know what the best UK survey sites are, you can compare them in the table below.

Please note that these are specifically UK paid survey opportunities. These links may not work in other countries.

How To Get Paid For Surveys UK

There are a number of ways to be paid for surveys UK offers.  Below I’ve detailed the typical ways survey sites pay their members.


Most people want to know which are the surveys for cash UK sites.  These are the sites that allow you to redeem your points for cash.  The most common way you’ll receive cash is by having the money transferred to your PayPal account.  From here you can transfer the cash into your bank account.

Some of the very best paid online surveys UK sites will transfer cash directly to your bank account, but these sites are few and far between.  Some paid survey sites UK has even pay you by cheque.

Gift Cards and Vouchers

One of the most common ways to earn money for surveys UK offers is via gift cards and vouchers from a range of retailers.  The top survey sites UK has offers a stack of different options for gift cards, whereas others will have a limited choice between just a few different retailers.

Even though most people want to earn cash when completing surveys, receiving gift cards is still not a bad way to make money from surveys UK provides.  Generally, at the very least, you’ll have the option of gift cards for retailers such as Amazon so you can still purchase everyday items that you’d usually have to pay cash for anyway.

The other good thing about redeeming your points for gift cards is that for some survey sites you’ll get a better return for your money.  For example, it might cost you 1000 points for a £10 gift card, whereas for £10 cash you’ll need to redeem 1300 points.


Another way to get paid to do surveys UK has is via sweepstakes.  Most of the best online survey sites UK has to offer include a range of different sweepstakes.  Entries into these sweepstakes are obtained by a variety of different ways including becoming a new member, starting a survey but being disqualified for whatever reason or even just for completing a survey.

Usually you’ll find these sweepstakes are drawn every month or some are quarterly and you’ll have the chance to win a range of different cash prizes.

Charity Donations

If you’re not doing online surveys for cash, UK also has survey sites that allow you to redeem your points for donations to your favourite charities.  This is a great way to give back to society and support your favourite charities without having to make your own direct payments.

Reviews Of The Best Paid Survey Sites UK

Please note that these are specifically UK paid survey opportunities. These links may not work in other countries.


POINTS: 100 points is equal to £1

PAY: 60 to 80 points average per survey

REWARDS: Cash, Gift vouchers and More

Sign up to Swagbucks here


If you’re looking to complete surveys for money, UK offers sites like Swagbucks has become a well-known platform for individuals looking to make some extra cash. They have options such as PayPal payments.

This site may not offer the highest paying surveys out there, but you can rack up points in various ways, not just by taking surveys. Watching videos, browsing the internet, shopping online, and downloading apps are all activities that can earn you points.

When you partake in surveys on Swagbucks, you could earn anything from 40 to 200 points per survey, and most will net you around 60-80 points. The length of the survey generally influences how many points you’ll get.

Aside from transferring points to PayPal, Swagbucks also lets you exchange them for gift cards. To cash out £25 via PayPal, you need to collect 2,500 Swagbucks.

If you want to earn money doing surveys, UK has a range of options, but with Swagbucks you’ll get paid in a reasonable manner, making it a good survey site to add to your list.

Click here to check it out for yourself.


POINTS: 200 points is equal to £1

PAY: 65 to 150 points average per survey

REWARDS: Cash and Gift vouchers

Sign up to LifePoints here


LifePoints is another site where you can earn cash as well as do surveys for vouchers UK offers.  Anyone aged 14+ can join and you’ll even earn bonus points just for signing up.

As well as earning points from surveys, like some of the other legit paid surveys UK has, there is also the opportunity to do product reviews from time to time as well as win vouchers by taking part in contests they hold on Facebook.

LifePoints offers a wide range of ways to be rewarded.  You can use your LifePoints for cash payments into your PayPal account, a range of vouchers for places such as Amazon or donate money to charity.

So if you’re after websites where there is a wide variety of ways to get paid to take surveys, UK sites such as LifePoints is one of the best surveys for money UK sites.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

5 Surveys

POINTS: No points system

PAY: 5 Surveys = £5

REWARDS: Cash and Gift vouchers

Sign up to 5 Surveys here

For those looking for quick payment for their opinions, 5 Surveys is a top pick. This survey site earns high marks for its straightforward, user-friendly setup. The deal is as clear-cut as it gets: take five surveys and receive £5.

When I first joined, the survey offers didn’t flood in immediately, but it wasn’t long before they began to trickle in. Staying patient is key, as it quickly accumulates points for rewards. Plus, the platform is mobile-friendly, making it a breeze to answer questions and make money on the go.

No need to carve out a big chunk of your day for each survey either; they’re designed to be succinct. And, the best part? After your fifth survey, the payout is almost instant.

You’re spoiled for choice when it comes to rewards, with a plethora of options available, including quick PayPal payments for your efforts.

If you’re wanting to fill out surveys for money, UK provides plenty of options.  5 Surveys is one of the free paid surveys UK offers that I like as it pays so quickly.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Ipsos Panel

POINTS: 140 points is equal to £1

PAY: 50-300 points average per survey

REWARDS: Cash and Gift vouchers

Sign up to Ipsos Panel here


If you’re wanting to get paid for online surveys, UK has plenty of choices, with Ipsos Panel being one that offers cash, gift cards and donations to charity organisations.  

Like any of the best UK paid surveys, with Ipsos Panel there is a range of ways to earn points.  Completing surveys is where you will earn the most points, but you can also earn points by referring friends to the program or if you get disqualified from a survey you commence.   Plus, they have a loyalty program where you’ll earn more points the more surveys you complete.

Once you have around 500 points accrued you can redeem your points for either cash into your PayPal account, gift cards or cash donations to your favourite charity.  Gift cards are available for stores such as Amazon, Starbucks and a few others, you can even get prepaid visa cards too.  

Other rewards include prize draws where you can win cash by participating in the various Ipsos polls, as well as a new member cash prize draw too.  

If you’re looking for a wide range of options to make money online, surveys UK offers like Ipsos Panel is certainly one of the good ones to consider signing up to.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Prime Opinion

POINTS: No points system

PAY: £2 to £3 average per survey

REWARDS: Cash and Gift vouchers

Sign up to Prime Opinion here

For many wanting to get paid to do online surveys, UK people love Prime Opinion. It’s one of the more popular free online surveys UK sites.

This is because it stands out as a top-tier survey site for those looking to boost their earnings with online surveys that offer PayPal cash outs. Imagine pocketing up to £8 just for sharing your thoughts on one survey!

Choosing how you get paid is up to you – opt for a direct transfer to your PayPal account or indulge in a little retail therapy with a variety of gift vouchers. The real perk here is that there’s no need to hit a set target before you retrieve your earnings; you can simply request a payout at any moment and see your funds swiftly transferred to you.

With a generous array of gift card choices on offer, you’re almost certain to find something that appeals to you. Moreover, their handy mobile app ensures you can fill out surveys and get rewarded while you’re on the move.

So if you’re looking to take surveys for cash UK or looking for the best paid survey apps, Prime Opinion is a top choice.

Click here to check it out for yourself.


POINTS: No points system

PAY: £1 to £3 average per survey


Sign up to Hintsters here


Hinsters is one of the best UK survey sites 2024 offers for people who are in it for the long haul.  While this is one of the highest paid online surveys UK offers, it also has one of the highest cashout thresholds, so you do need to be prepared to wait a while for your rewards.

This is because you must earn £25 before the site allows you to withdraw your earnings, and you might need to wait 3-4 weeks to receive your money.

Upon registering, Hinsters welcomes new members with a £3-5 sign-up bonus, which is a nice head start. The surveys themselves are quite manageable; most can be completed in a casual 10-15 minute span, fitting conveniently into a busy schedule.

In addition to surveys, Hinsters broadens its earning scope by giving users the chance to write reviews about products and services. This can be both engaging and profitable. Answering quick polls is another easy task on the site that adds to your earning potential.

The main attractions of Hinsters lie in the initial bonus, the swift nature of the surveys, the PayPal payout option, and the extra review writing opportunities. This is why it makes this list of best real paid surveys UK offers.

Yet, users should be ready for a longer journey to the payout due to the higher withdrawal threshold and slower processing times.

Click here to check it out for yourself.


POINTS: No points system

PAY: £0.50 to £1.50 average per survey

REWARDS: Cash and Amazon cards

Sign up to Surveoo here


Surveoo is a fresh and engaging survey site that rewards you simply for sharing your opinions. The process is straightforward: finish a survey and points are added to your tally, which can then be swapped for cash or prizes.

What sorts of prizes, you ask? Surveoo offers the flexibility to redeem your points for direct cash via PayPal or bank transfer for straightforward spending or choose from an array of gift cards if you prefer shopping sprees.

Unfortunately, they do take a few weeks to process rewards.

While most surveys earn around £1, it is possible to earn up to £8 for a survey. You can also earn bonus rewards and money for referring your friends and families to Surveoo.

If you want to fill in surveys for money, UK sites like Surveoo are really easy to use.  With Surveoo you’ll get great survey opportunities, some high paid surveys and the option to get cash straight into your account.  Certainly one of the more genuine paid surveys UK sites around.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Branded Surveys

POINTS: 1000 points is equal to £8

PAY: 50 – 100 points average per survey

REWARDS: Cash and Gift Vouchers

Sign up to Branded Surveys here

Branded Surveys offer lots of different opportunities to earn survey points as well as a good range of rewards for your efforts.

With the surveys you complete, you can expect to earn around 50 – 100 points per survey.  You’ll even receive 5 points if you don’t qualify just as an appreciation for your efforts.  You can also earn points for referring friends, participating in polls, signing up to offers such as downloading apps or signing up to newsletters.  You can even earn points when you spend money at your favourite places such as restaurants and gyms.  

Once you’ve received 1000 points (equal to around £8), you can redeem your points for cash into your PayPal account or for a range of great gift vouchers.  Gift vouchers include retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Tk Max and, Starbucks.

Branded Surveys is a fairly simple survey platform to use and is unique in that you can earn points for spending money at your favourite stores.  Definitely go and check out Branded Surveys to see if it’s right for you.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

Pinecone Research

POINTS: 100 = £1

PAY: £1 to £3 average per survey

REWARDS: Cash and Gift vouchers

Sign up to Pinecone Research here

pinecone research

If you want to make money doing surveys, UK offers Pinecone Research. It stands out as a prime choice for those looking to earn cash via PayPal by completing surveys. You’ll be pleased to know that cashing out is hassle-free, with no minimum requirement, and you get your payment almost right away.

When you participate in surveys with Pinecone Research, expect to spend about 15-20 minutes on each one. Sometimes, you might get the chance to try out new products at home and share your feedback, which also earns you points.

At Pinecone Research, every 100 points you earn is equivalent to $1, and surveys typically reward you with 100 to 300 points, reflecting the time and complexity involved. After finishing a survey, the points usually show up in your account within 3 to 5 business days.

One of the most appealing features of Pinecone Research is the incredibly low cash-out threshold of just $1. This means you can access your earnings quickly, often within 3 to 5 business days. Add to that the convenience of their mobile optimisation, and you’ve got a great choice of the best online paid surveys UK sites.

Click here to check it out for yourself.

MOBROG Surveys

POINTS: No points system

PAY: £1 to £3 average per survey


Sign up to MOBROG Surveys here

MOBROG is a paid survey platform I’ve recently started exploring, and I must say, their online surveys are quite engaging. They’ve made it incredibly convenient to earn some extra money by allowing you to complete surveys straight from their app—perfect for filling time during a commute or quick pauses in your day, like lunch breaks.

Apart from the regular paid surveys, MOBROG offers extra perks. They run frequent prize draws that you’re automatically entered into whenever you complete a survey.

To top it off, what’s really nice about MOBROG is that you don’t need to accumulate a big balance to cash out; their minimum withdrawal amount is quite low. This feature is excellent for anyone eager to quickly reap the rewards of their efforts!

Click here to check it out for yourself.

I hope you find this list of UK survey sites helpful! If you’re after the best USA survey site click here or if  you’re in Australia, check out the best paid surveys online Australia here.

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