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5 Reasons Why Making Money From Sponsored Posts Rocks!


Perhaps the easiest way to make money from blogging is with sponsored posts. However, many bloggers seem to discount this as a possibility because they are not sure how to get started, worry their blog isn’t “big enough” or think they will turn off their readers.

The reality is that these worries are usually just that, worries.

It’s not hard to get started with sponsored posts, blogs don’t need to be a certain size and most readers don’t even notice if posts are sponsored or understand what that means. If you have built up trust with your readers, some sponsored posts that are honest and real should not change that.

Some sponsors don’t even care about access to your audience, they just want a link, so you don’t even have to show the post to your regular readers if you don’t want to.

Below, I’m going to tell you why sponsored posts are great and help you get started.

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5 Reasons Why Making Money From Sponsored Posts Rocks! Here’s why and how to make money from sponsored posts on your blog. Get started now and grow your online income! #MakeMoneyOnline #MakingMoneyFromBlogging #FreeTraining

You will learn...

  1. 5 Reasons why sponsored posts rock
  2. How to get started with sponsored posts
  3. How to find sponsors right now

1. 5 Reasons why sponsored posts rock

Reason #1: There are many companies who want to purchase sponsored posts

Many, many companies realise the benefits of working with influencers and are looking for bloggers to work with. They want to be featured on your blog and social media accounts.

There are many reasons for this from wanting a link to their site for search ranking benefits to hoping your readers will purchase their products.

Reason #2: Often very little work is involved

Sometimes, a campaign for a sponsor can require a lot of work. Often, it is quite simple.

They may just want you to link to them in an existing blog post or put some posts up on your social media accounts. You may also be able to work it into a post you are already writing or plan to write.

Sometimes, they will give you the content and you just need to post it.

Reason #3: The payment relative to the work involved is good

Depending on factors like your domain authority, page views, social media followers etc, the pay can be very good in relation to the work involved.

It’s completely possible to be paid hundreds of dollars for adding a paragraph to a post.

Reason #4: You are paid immediately

Unlike affiliate marketing, you are paid more or less immediately.

This can vary, some sponsors will pay up front, others when you publish and a few will make you wait for a month. However, it is much faster than what occurs with affiliate marketing and many other forms of monetising your blog.

Reason #5: It can lead to great content on your blog

As mentioned above, many times sponsored post work is very quick and easy and will not involve much work from you.

However, sometimes it will require you to write more and better than you have before.

I find when I am writing a post that is sponsored from someone else, I put more thought and effort into it as I want it to be extra good and for the sponsor to be happy with me.

The only way this works is if I product content that my readers will love. This can lead to extra good content.

2. How to get started with sponsored posts

There are a few steps involved to get started with sponsored posts.

This involves setting up your blog to be attractive to sponsors, finding sponsors who are willing to pay you and delivering what you promise.

You can read all the steps in my post here or you can click here to download my FREE step by step guide to how to Make Money from Sponsored Posts.

3. How to find sponsors right now

Finding sponsors can perhaps be the trickiest part of making money from sponsored posts. In the guide and downloadable linked to above, I give you a list of sites and ways to find and attract sponsors.

I also have a private Facebook group where I share all my contacts. I also add new contacts to this group every week. These contacts are people who have emailed me over the previous week telling me that they are looking for blogs to work with.

There is a small charge to join this group. So far, everyone in the group has made their money back and more within a month of joining up.

Unfortunately, I am no longer accepting new people into this group.

Final words

Making money with sponsored posts is not difficult and there can be great money in it. I know bloggers who make a full time living from sponsored posts alone.

There is a small risk with sponsored posts if you decide to give follow links in your articles (read more about this here). It is against Google’s guidelines and your site can be punished if you are caught.

You should also be careful to put disclosures in sponsored posts if that is the law in your country.

Otherwise, there are very little downsides to sponsored posts and lots of upsides.

Find more posts on making money from blogging here.

Do you make money from sponsored posts? Do you have any tips?

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