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Positive Steps Bloggers Are Taking To Grow Their Blogs During The Coronavirus Pandemic


When I planned my blogging and business goals for this year, I had no idea what challenges I would face both professionally and personally. The coronavirus pandemic has affected basically every area of my life and it’s not going away anytime soon.

While as a blogger I needed some time to digest this and work out what it meant for my business, I’m happy to say that I have come out of the other side of this dilemma feeling much happier and positive about my business.

But this process wasn’t easy. It can be hard to be upbeat at this time.

And while life may never be quite the same for us again, things can go back to where they were for our blogging businesses.

Blogs will recover… and blossom. The important thing right now is for those of us whose blogs have been affected by the coronavirus to do what we can to make that recovery as fast and as big as possible.

To this end, I asked the DNW community to share what positive steps they are taking to grow their blogs at this time – and I’m sharing the responses in this post. I think when you are struggling yourself to work out the best steps forward, hearing/reading what others are doing can give you some great ideas and motivation!

It certainly motivated me watching and reading these. I loved how many had a focus on using this time to re-evaluate and getting smarter about what we are doing to grow our blogs.

I ran this as a competition sponsored by Ezoic which you can read about here. Note that the bloggers featured here, while mostly travel, do come from a wide range of niches so aren’t necessarily finding this a bad time of their business.

Positive Steps Bloggers Are Taking To Grow Their Blogs During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Soraya from Simply Soraya

I am concentrating on building up a blog I started months ago and never finished, adding Ezoic advertising, creating a product to sell on my blog, creating a sales funnel and getting more freelance work.


Read more here.

Katalin from Our Life, Our Travel

Katalin is updating old posts, upping her Pinterest game, working on her email list and working on two new sites.


Read more here.

Sophie from Baby, Toddler & Kids

Nicola from See Nic Wander

Nic is using this time to improve her blogging skills in SEO, affiliate marketing and photo editing. She is also updating old content and trying to come up with a streamlined organisational system that will help her keep on top of her blogging business. She will also add more content about work from home jobs to her travel blog.


Read more here.

Emma from MumsMoney

Emma has started a new site to help mums’ gain financial freedom. Her first step is to create content people are looking for right now – like ways to entertain their kids and budget with a reduced income. She is using Pinterest to promote this content and plans to add advertising once she is getting traffic.


Read more here.

Erin from Love To Travel, Stay-Eat-Do

Lyubomira from Bulgarian On The Go

Lyubomira is using her extra time to post more content than normal especially about her home country of Bulgaria, she is planning to translate her old blog posts into Bulgarian, work on growing links to her blog and has just started a new blog.


Read more here.

Ellie from Soul Travel Blog

Fiona from Fiona Outdoors

Sundeep from Delhi fun dos

Sundeep and Bedabrata are using this time to redesign their site, finish all their pending posts, work on growing their YouTube channel and TikTok, publish guest posts on their site and work on recycling old videos and photos for social media.


Read more here.

Barbara from Mums on Flipflops

Martina from The Global Curious

Clara from Petite Capsule

Clara wants to create more content, increase traffic and grow her blog’s community. She is doing a lot of training, listening to podcasts, hosting giveaways, growing links, working on her email list and building more income via sponsored posts and writing affiliate focused content. She is also working on growing her social media accounts and is considering starting other blogs or freelance services.


Read more here.

Marjolein from Radical FIRE

Marjolein is working on new skills including improving SEO and affiliate marketing, organising her blog better and updating old content and home page.


Read more here.

Christina from CitySeaCountry

Christina is focusing on mindset, optimising old posts, cleaning up tags and categories, writing new content and concentrating on Ezoic advertising.


Read more here.

Kate from Rolling Along With Kids

Sam from Outside That Cubicle

Sam has been working on optimising old posts, getting better affiliate and lead gen conversions and writing more affiliate focused content. Going forward, he is working on his email marketing, building a free course, increasing authority with more links and improving his homepage.


Read more here.

Veronika from Travel Geekery

Veronika has published a massive post on what people can do at home to feel like they’re travelling. Otherwise, she is doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work with link building and collabs. She’s paused optimising old articles, since so many things might change, but is ready to jump into it again soon. She’s also toying with the idea of starting another site.

Sharon Gourlay from Digital Nomad Wannabe and Dive Into Philippines


I hope you found this article as useful as I have! Share what you are working on to grow your blogging business below!

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