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The Suprisingly Simple Ways You Can Get More Traffic (And Make More Money) From Your Existing Posts


The quickest and easiest way to get more traffic and make more money from your blog isn’t usually adding new posts. It’s optimising the ones you already have.

Optimising your existing posts so that they get more traffic and make more money is not just quicker and easier than creating new posts, but it’s also faster.

It is much faster to see a difference from updating posts that already get some traffic than starting from scratch.

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Below, I am going to give you many ways that you can get more traffic and make more money from your existing posts.

I recommend you put some time aside every month to work on optimising your old content.

You will learn...

  1. Why you should optimise old posts
  2. Which posts are best to optimise
  3. How to optimise existing posts to get more traffic
  4. How to optimise existing posts to make more money

1. Why you should optimise old posts

If you want more traffic and more money from your blog then you should optimise old posts.

So all bloggers should be doing it!

It can be much quicker and easier to get more traffic to your existing posts since:

  1. You don’t have to spend time writing the entire post.
  2. If you’ve already proven that you can get some traffic to the post (and thus there are people who want to read it) then it will be easier to get more

It’s also much easier to start making more money immediately from a post that is already getting traffic than a new post.

2. Which posts are best to optimise

I recommend optimising posts for traffic that fall into one or both of the following categories:

  1. They already get some ongoing traffic
  2. You created the post before you knew how to market it effectively

I tend to focus on posts that I wrote before I understood keyword research and/or that already rank somewhat ok in Google because I know that these have the potential to make the biggest gain.

When it comes to optimising posts to make more money, I concentrate on posts that already get good traffic. I used to look at the top 20 in Google Analytics although now I have so many that get good traffic, I analyse every post that gets over 500 page views per month ongoing.

I recommend that you write a list of your posts that you think are best to optimise taking into account the points I make above. Set aside some time every month and work through the list.

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3. How to optimise existing posts to get more traffic

There are many things you can do to get more traffic to your blog posts. Here is a list that you can run through.

Add more keywords

My personal favourite way to get more traffic to my existing posts is to add more keywords.

I look at Google Search Console and see what keywords the post is already ranking for. If the post doesn’t include those keywords, I add them.

I describe the process in detail in my tutorial, My 10 Minute SEO Tip To Give You Thousands Of Page Views.

I prioritise posts to optimise in this way that already rank on the bottom of the first page or in the second page of search results. I also like to optimise posts that were written before I understood keywords.

If the post was written in my SEO early days then I would usually start over with writing a keyword plan and finding the best keywords using my process here.

Update and add to the post

As you are adding keywords, make sure the post is up to date and think about whether there is anything else useful you can add to the article to make it the best it can be.

When I update an article, I also update the date on the article to the current date.

Make new pins

If you use Pinterest, consider making some new pins and pinning them across Pinterest again. This can breathe new life into your Pinterest traffic for the post. I also recommend repinning the pins you already have.

Share it across social media

After you have updated the post, share it across your social media platforms again and promote it just like you would a new post.

Ask other bloggers to share it

Contact other bloggers in your network and ask if they would mind sharing your post as well. This is another way to give it some new life.

Get more links to the post

If you can get more external links to the post, this can help boost it in Google rankings. You can try guest posting, link swapping etc.

Join my 7 Day Link Building Challenge if you would like some more ideas.

Add an internal link to the post from one of your popular posts

An easy way to get more traffic to a post is to link to it from one of your popular posts. This works best if the posts are closely related.

Email the post to your subscribers

Email the updated post as part of your newsletter or add it to your autoresponder.

Go live on Faceboook

This is something I did just last week actually! I updated a post and then did a Facebook live session on the DNW page to talk about and extend the content of the post while directing people to go to the blog to see it.

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4. How to optimise existing posts to make more money

Here are some ways to make more money from your existing posts.

Add some/more affiliate links

If you don’t already have affiliate links in the post, think about what you might be able to add. Not every post will be ideal for affiliate links, but perhaps you could add some new sections where they would work.

For example, I might have a post which is a list of things to do in a city. When it gets popular, I’ll add in an accommodation section with a list of hotels.

If you already have affiliate links, what could you do to optimise them? Here are some ideas:

  • Could a different affiliate partner work better?
  • Could you present the links in a better way? For example, are they on a call to action?
  • Could you move them closer to the top of the page? I find a higher conversion rate when they are higher in the page.
  • Could you add more?

Sell links/advertising on the page

You could consider selling links or advertising specific to the post. This involves contacting companies who would be a good fit and pitching them to see if they interested.

Create a related product

If a post gets a high volume of traffic ongoing, could you create a product to sell on this page? Could you turn the post into a book? Or offer some type of extra people would pay for?

Add some keywords to the post with high CPC

Advanced tip

High CPC is referring to the amount you can get from advertising for these keywords.

Basically, if your post is ranking for keywords that have a higher value in the CPC column in KeySearch then you can make more money from advertising in these posts.

I hope the above has given you many ideas of how you can get more traffic and make more money from your existing blog posts.

Updating and improving your existing content is one of the ways you can move from being a hobby blogger to turning it into a business. It’s an effective way to take your blog posts (and earnings) to the next level.

Click here to instantly download a Post Optimisation Checklist for your Articles

You may also like to read my tutorial about my secret weapon to get from 0 to 500,000 page views.

Do you have any tips for optimising existing posts?

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