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Learn How to Use Long Tail Pro in 6 Minutes!

**I no longer recommend Long Tail Pro. Unfortunately, it no longer works in the ways described in this article. I now recommend KeySearch which does everything and more described in this article. Read my latest keyword research article to learn more.**

I often rave about Long Tail Pro on this website. That’s because I find it an essential tool for keyword research and I use it just about every day.

I know that it can be hard to get on board with a new tool. It’s hard to know how useful it will be for you and whether there will be a steep learning curve that will stop you hitting the ground running.

For this reason, I produced this short youtube video about how I use Long Tail Pro. It is only 6 minutes long because it is very easy to use and it goes through the three different ways I use Long Tail Pro in my keyword research and for tracking my ranking progress.

You will learn...

  1. How to use Long Tail Pro!

1. How to use Long Tail Pro

The easiest way for me to describe how to use Long Tail Pro is via a demonstration. The following only lasts for 6 minutes and is the best way to see it in action.

That’s it! That’s the basics of how I use Long Tail Pro.

If you are interested in this product you can purchase it here. That is an affiliate link and I am very grateful to anyone who uses it 🙂

Updated 11/2/2016 There is no longer a lifetime license for Long Tail Pro. Anyone who purchases the new licensing agreement gets access to all features of Long Tail Pro.

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