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January 2016 Working Online Update

Last month I published my last detailed income report, at least for now. Since then, I have been trying to work out a way I could keep publishing monthly updates that would still offer value to you without sharing detailed income information. I liked the idea of sharing percentage increases and decreases (suggested by one of […]

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Income Report - see how much money we made online

October 2015 Income Report

October was a month of contrasts. I had what felt like one of my biggest personal successes ever – a hugely successful presentation at TBEX Asia. Our income also went up in basically every area except Amazon, especially on this site. We received more cash in the last few weeks than I have before. I […]

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September 2015 Income Report

September was a super busy month for us as we travelled Europe, battled travel exhaustion and returned to our home in Penang. I was initially worried about our income in September as our main source, Amazon, performed very badly in the first half of the month. Analysis showed that there is just less people searching for […]

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July 2015 Income Report

July was a busy and stressful month for us, although not because of our online business. We just had a lot going on. I hit my hardest task yet as a digital nomad – doing my tax return! I spent the last two entire days of July working on this and I am so relieved […]

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