February 2015 Income Report

If I met my income goals in January then I smashed them out of the park in February. Our first full month based in Penang was a fabulous income producing month for us. All the details are below! February may be a short month, but it was also the month where we have had the most time […]

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January 2015 Income Report

If I thought December was exciting, January was even more so! We not only spent the month travelling and then settling down in Penang, but I had my biggest income earning month yet. and made my first goal – earning enough money for my half of what we need to sustain our current lifestyle. We […]

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December Income Report

December may have been our most exciting month yet as we are no longer Digital Nomad Wannabes – we are now Digital Nomads! We left Melbourne on the night of December 30. It was a busy and stressful month getting everything organised and packed up. There was also some extra added financial stress as our […]

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November Income Report

November has been a busy month but, in hindsight, I am not sure exactly what I did! I do have a new authority site which I have started marketing and I continued to work on my affiliate sites and my two main blogs. Income has not been great this month. I am no longer attracting […]

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