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Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it – you write an eBook, list it for sale on your blog and you’ve got an effective income stream.

But unfortunately for so many bloggers, the reality turns out to be far more challenging than this and all their hard work feels as though it was in vain.

But there are bloggers having phenomenal success selling eBooks, providing them with a passive income stream that allows them to earn money while they sleep. They no longer worry about income, feeling inauthentic or discouraged. Their success speaks for itself.


My Experience – And The Biggest Roadblock Bloggers Face

For the last 2 years the majority of my time has been spent creating products and selling them via a sales funnel on my blog. In this short period of time, they’ve earned me multiple 6 figures and taught me important lessons along the way.

But by working closely with other bloggers, I’ve come to recognise a serious roadblock infiltrated in the minds of bloggers… one that halts success in it’s tracks… and it’s that bloggers aren’t looking at their blogs as a business.

They are terrified of investing time and energy into products, instead working hard on other areas without realising this is holding them back from success.



I’ve known Sharon for many years and right from our first meeting she was someone I liked and trusted. I knew she would be successful. She had the knowledge and the determination. She quickly become a trusted name in the field of online training. Sharon is known for cutting through the haze and enabling people to focus their efforts on steps that will get results while ignoring the ones that won’t. This approach is what makes her methods so successful and her training so easy to follow. In a field where many people can write a lot yet provide little value, Sharon’s content is ALL value, and her continued support has encouraged me to keep moving forward and being better than I previously was.

Erin Holmes

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The Real Thing That’s Costing You

As a blogging coach, I regularly speak with countless bloggers struggling to grow their income and authority, despite working hard at their blogs. These bloggers are baffled when they realise they’re working twice as hard as the ones I train who ARE seeing results.

This is because there is not a direct correlation between hard work and blogging success. Hard work is an element of their success, but the reason these bloggers succeed is because they follow real strategies that don’t fail.

So why follow a strategy to sell eBooks?

Think about why you actually actually have a blog in the first place. To share your knowledge? To get readers? To establish your authority? To make money? All of these can be achieved by creating and selling an eBook.


The Secret To Selling On Your Blog

Successfully selling an eBook on your blog is actually a lot simpler than you think… and you’re about to learn the complete process. A big part of this process is transforming how you look at things.

Many bloggers (myself included) hate marketing and fear turning readers away – but the trick is to do it in a way that leaves reader in a better position than they started off.

You’ll then see the power of using your blog as a platform to sell products and receive the respect and appreciation of your readers.

eBook Launch Pad relies on extremely effective sales methods. No constant promotion in blog posts or social media… no cold emails to people who aren’t even interested in what you’re selling. Just value, and a win/win for both parties.



There are many courses that teach you how to create a great eBook, and while eBook Launch Pad covers this, it’s real value lies in coaching you to build an effective sales funnel to sell your eBook. You’ll learn to…

> Create an effective sales funnels that brings in a steady flow of readers in a hands-off, automated way so that you can sell your eBook and make money while you sleep.


> All the information you require to plan, write and create an eBook that your audience will love and that you can write easily and pain free.


> The exact process for transforming your draft into a professional eBook so it’s ready to sell.


> Build a high converting sales page that leaves readers begging to buy your eBook.


> A complete strategy for growing your email list and leveraging it’s power even if you don’t have one yet.


> A process for creating awesome optin offers that encourage readers to subscribers and that your audience will love.


> Establish a better relationship with your audience so they gain your trust, buy your eBook and make you money while you really help them.


> Get support and guidance along the way in creating and setting up your eBook sales funnel so that you’re left feeling confident and in control.

The Complete Package

A 10 lesson course on building an eBook sales funnel.

eBook Launch Pad gives you full access to the course, eBook Sales Funnels That Sell. This course walks you through how sales funnels work and how you can leverage the power of your blog by creating one.
You’ll learn exactly how to construct your sales funnel, build high converting sales page, write effective sales emails (with templates provided) and how to set it all up on autopilot.


A bonus package worth double the cost of the course.

The bonus package consists of 2 additional courses and one lesson in a combination of audio files, videos, checklists, downloadables and support to help you breeze through the course content and easily write, create and sell your eBook straight from your blog.


BONUS #1: A course to write an eBook

If you don’t have an eBook to sell, don’t worry. eBook Launch Pad is a complete eBook launch course – from A to Z. This is why you get access to a bonus course, Creating An eBook For Profit, an 8 lesson course which teaches you to plan, write and create an eBook that’s ready to sell and that your audience will love.


BONUS #2: A course to grow your email list

The money is in the list! Learn what this term actually means by growing your email list in the bonus course, The Key To Email List Building For Beginners. In this 11 lesson course, you’ll learn how to set up an email marketing service, how to get subscribers, how to create compelling optin offers and how to keep subscribers happy and engaged.


BONUS #3: Set up a platform to sell your eBook

To sell your eBook, you will need a method for collecting payments from customers and getting the eBook to them. There are many ways to go about this. This bonus lesson details how we collect payments for our products so that you can decide what’s best for you.


BONUS #4: All questions answered

With everything above, it’s inevitable you’ll have some questions along the way. This is why support is offered directly from the course content itself. Comments are enabled, so when you have one, simply ask.



All this for $197 $97*


*GST will be added for Australians. All transaction are in USD.


I’m familiar with the struggle of not knowing where to begin. Sharon’s comprehensive eBook course provides perspective on the entire process. Her teaching style morphs complicated concepts into achievable goals and enables you to work smarter and not harder. The bonus material has also been the BEST kickstarter and saved me years of learning. I hadn’t given many concepts much thought before commencing this course, but I’m thanking my lucky stars that I did, because it has elicited some serious “A-ha” moments.


Hangry By Nature

A bit about me…

Hi! I’m Sharon Gourlay, blogger, entrepreneur and mother to 3 kids. After growing my online journal into the #1 family travel blog in the world, I was ready for a new challenge. I sold my first product in 2015 with almost zero success.

I then learned about the power of sales funnels and saw where I went wrong. I invested all my time into mastering them.

By the end of 2017, I had made 6 figures in nine months from a combination of eBook and course sales. Since then, I have launched eBooks on two other sites with further success. This course walks you through how I did it and how you can too!


A Direct Path To Profiting From Your Blog

eBook Launch Pad works because it provides a strategy for your success, and success happens in 3 steps…


Don’t have an eBook? Don’t worry. The first step is to complete the bonus course Creating An eBook For Profit where you’ll learn to plan, write and set up your eBook so it’s ready to sell. You’ll discover just how simple this process really is.


This is the real key to your success – setting up a sales funnel to effectively sell your eBook. You’ll start with the bonus lesson, How To Sell Your eBook, to set up a platform to sell your eBook and then move on to the most important part of eBook Launch Pad – eBook Sales Funnels That Sell, leaving you with a complete sales funnel.


The next step is to get readers subscribing to your email list so that they enter your sales funnel. The bonus course Email List Building For Beginners covers this so that you’re always growing your subscribers and feeding them into your sales funnel.



Your Success Is My Success – Here’s My Promise

To have success you need to feel in control throughout this process. To ensure this happens, I guarantee:

Access to the course material

All questions will be answered in the comment section under the lessons

Full support if technical problems associated with the course arise


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take?

The course is self paced but how long it takes will depend where you are at now. If you have an email list and an eBook ready to sell, you could easily set this up in a few days. Writing your eBook and growing your email list will take longer.

How long will I have access to the course material?

You will maintain access to the course material until the end of 2023.

I already have an email list. Is my email marketing service covered?

The course covers setting things up in MailChimp, GetResponse and ActiveCampaign with additional lessons in ActiveCampaign. If you use a different service, the setup process is likely to differ, but your service should have help files that describe what to do.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Yes. No prior knowledge is assumed.

Will I have to purchase anything in addition to the course?

There are free options given in the course, but at the very least, you’ll need to pay fees to use a platform to sell and distribute your eBook. This is usually just a small percentage of the eBooks cost.



Sharon’s eBook Launch Pad course clearly outlines essential tasks and breaks it down into an easy to follow and implement strategy. I never had to feel overwhelmed as each step was laid out for me. The course has helped me to expand my new online business by creating mailing lists, which now helps me focus my marketing on a relevant audience. I have even created an online course as part of my funnel. I now have additional ways to communicate with my ideal client which has given me the opportunity to customize my business and increase my offerings.


Map Your Brand

Don’t Waste Another Minute Wishing For Success

You know what’s possible and you have all the resources before you to effortlessly create and sell your eBook and run your blog so that it isn’t running you.

Not taking action means missing out on the true potential of your blog as an income stream and the joy it can bring to your life. But the only way to discover this it to take action!



Get it for $197 $97



*GST will be added for Australians. All transaction are in USD.