You’re About To Discover The Strategy I Used To Transform My Blog From An Online Journal To A Multiple 6 Figure Business

With The Power Of Affiliate Marketing


Every day, there are people searching for an answer to their problems.

But the question is, are they going to your blog to get their solution?


This is incredibly important…
Because the secret to a successful blog is understanding exactly what your readers are looking for

Every reader that comes to your blog is searching for an answer to solve their immediate problem. So I want you to take a moment, to be honest with yourself, does your blog have the answer they’re looking for?


If you know you aren’t getting enough people clicking on your affiliate links


You haven’t even started working with affiliates

Then the answer is no


What’s worse – you are missing out on income that could easily be generated with an effective affiliate marketing strategy.


But there is a solution… and one that you could begin using RIGHT NOW for success. What I’m about to reveal to you is the secret that I and thousands of other bloggers are using to strategically create effective passive income streams with their blogs.

But first, I want to share a secret with you…


My name is Sharon Gourlay

And I Am Addicted To Building Sites

The reason for this is simple. Earning affiliate commissions is a hands-off way to run my business on autopilot that allows me to literally earn money while I sleep. But this wasn’t always the case.

Prior to 2014, I was linking to products from my blog desperately hoping I’d wake up and see the commissions come rolling in, but it wasn’t working.

I couldn’t understand how anyone could make a decent income from affiliate marketing.

And then I did something that literally changed my business overnight.

I added a call to action.

A short statement that told people to “click here to see the latest prices”.

That simple but powerful step paved the way for my breakthrough, and it was the moment I discovered one of the most important things a blogger should know


You don’t have to get lucky to have success with affiliate marketing… but you have to get smart


I then commenced a journey of discovery – testing and tracking and learning the secrets to what makes an effective affiliate marketing strategy

Like me, I’m sure you have struggled with affiliate marketing. After all, you wouldn’t be reading this if you had it all figured out…


And it’s easy to see why….


There are so many questions…

Who are the best affiliates partners for your audience?

What is a fair commission to expect from affiliates?

How can you ensure you get paid?

There are so many rules…

How you can use images and links in your content.

How you should use disclaimers across your site.

How you can target an international audience.

And of course, how to actually have success…

The most effective way to present links…

Influencing more readers to click and purchase…

And techniques to get readers to your content

But it's only because I tested and tracked my results that I learned what works

It makes me shudder to think that if I hadn’t tested and tracked everything, today I would still be where I was 4 years ago.

Affiliate marketing has transformed my life. It was the weapon I used to grow an online journal into a 6 figure blog in just a few short years.

But what do you track? And how can you have success with affiliate marketing on your blog?

Affiliate marketing isn’t difficult – but the reality is that one size does not fit all.

Effective affiliate marketing needs a custom fit strategy for different sites, niches and audiences. But it can be done, and you can have the life you’ve been looking for.


An effective affiliate marketing strategy has the potential to…

  • Give you a foundation to create your content the *right* way so that you’re giving your audience the content they want

  • Allow you to quickly and effectively analyse affiliates and commissions to determine if they’re a fit for you

  • Create a powerful passive income stream by strategically placing links in your content

  • Ultimately transform your life by giving you the financial freedom you crave


So if you know without a doubt that you aren’t earning as much as you should be from affiliate marketing, the *only* way to go is up

Ready To Find Out How?



A Powerful Affiliate Marketing Strategy Designed Specifically For Bloggers


Affiliate Marketing Freedom is the result of tried and tested strategies for bloggers looking to have real success with affiliate marketing on their blogs.

It provides a complete framework to do affiliate marketing the *right way* so you can have success now and ongoing by monetising your blog with affiliates.

The only risk is the time you waste by not implementing these steps as soon as possible!



What You’ll Discover…

How To Find The Right Affiliate Partners For Your Audience

Affiliate marketing only works when you bring the right content to the right readers. This means using affiliate partners they trust, but ones that also bring you the best return. This course will teach you how.


Learn all about reader intent

The MOST important element of affiliate marketing is reader intent. It’s crucial to success and when you understand it, you’ll know how to use affiliate marketing in the most effective way on your blog.

How To Create Passive Income

The ultimate aim of any affiliate marketing plan is to generate income. The course teaches you the best practices with affiliate marketing so you can maximise passive income and literally earn money while you sleep.

How To Market Your Content

There are so many ways to get potential readers to your post – a content marketing plan is essential. This is why you’ll discover how to create one for every post you have, and learn how to market and boost affiliate articles.

How To Present Links For Maximum Benefit

To be successful at affiliate marketing, you need people to click on your links – and this involves strategically placing them in content. You’ll discover the most effective ways to do this.

How To Track Your Progress

Affiliate marketing works best when you test what works for your audience. This way, you can continue having success time and time again, always improving and growing.


Here’s how Affiliate Marketing Freedom works


Get access to detailed lessons on everything affiliate marketing related to increasing your conversions


Receive exclusive checklists, downloadables and roadmaps to easily track and implement strategies


Be walked through the process with videos explaining concepts


Get support every step of the way with direct access to me via the exclusive private Facebook Group


All this for a one time fee of $197

Skip Ahead And Join Now!


Modules In Affiliate Marketing Freedom

When you sign up you’ll receive instant access to the following modules –

1. Everything You Need To Know About Getting Started With Affiliates

The first module of the course walks you through everything you need to know about what affiliate marketing is, how to find the best affiliate partners and how to present affiliate links on your blog to have the best chance of success.

2. How To Market Your Affiliate Links To People Who Will Buy

In the second module, you’ll learn about the importance of reader intent and the buying cycle so you know what types of articles to write to maximise success. You’ll also learn how to market your affiliate articles so you get your ideal audience (ie ones who will click and buy) to these posts and the ultimate content marketing strategies.

3. How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Strategy For Ongoing Success

The final module in the course combines everything you have learned into a complete strategy so that you know how to keep increasing your income. It’s essential information to move from doing okay with affiliates to doing great.



By the end of this program, you will…

Have the best affiliate partners in your blog’s niche

Know how to present affiliate links in the most effective way to increase conversions

Know how to market content to your target audience

Have an ongoing strategy for growing income on your blog



Support To Reach Your Goals In The Private Facebook Group

A big part of having success with affiliate marketing is testing what works for your audience – and you won’t have to do this alone.

This is why you receive lifetime access to the private Facebook group when you sign up.

This is the place where you will have direct access to me for support building and implementing your individual strategy. You will also have access to other bloggers that are as serious about affiliate marketing success as you.

Read some testimonials below…


We started with Affiliate Marketing Freedom in November 2017 and the graphics reflect its impact on our affiliate marketing impact growth. We’re five days into June and have already exceeded April’s total earnings with Amazon. The critical element is combining good SEO practice (which we also learned and refined from Sharon) with Sharon’s tips on how to write the kinds of posts that sell. We’re thrilled with our progress and are finally reaching income goals we’d only dreamed of previously.

Betsy Wuebker

PassingThru Enterprises


Prior to joining Affiliate Marketing Freedom 5 months ago, my approach to affiliate marketing was yielding poor results. After applying the methods learnt on the course affiliate income from my blog has more than tripled and I expect it to keep on growing rapidly for the foreseeable future. Thanks, Sharon!

Katy Clarke

Untold Morsels



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who is Affiliate Marketing Freedom for?

Affiliate Marketing Freedom is specifically designed for bloggers who want to earn more money from their blog. It teaches you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing as well as advanced steps you can take to maximise conversions on your blog. It’s ideal for bloggers that want to get serious with implementing an affiliate marketing strategy and to start working on generating passive income. Even if you’ve tried affiliate marketing before and had limited success, I know you’ll benefit from the strategies in Affiliate Marketing Freedom.

Q: How long does the course take?

The course is completely self-paced so you can take as long as you need. How long it takes will depend on how much you already know and how many changes you need to make on your blog to implement the affiliate marketing strategies you learn.

Q: What if I’m new to affiliate marketing?

The course introduces you to all areas of affiliate marketing and while some concepts may be unfamiliar to you, everything is explained. Every module is important as each one covers a range of information, so while you may be able to skip some lessons, you should aim to complete them all.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?

When you sign up for Affiliate Marketing Freedom, you’ll have access to the course for the lifetime of the program. You’ll also receive lifetime access to the private Facebook group.

Other questions can be emailed to [email protected]

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