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Your Blog Can Be A Thriving Business That Fully Supports You. You Can Be A Top Blogger With Maximum Authority, Immune From Algorithm Updates And Totally In Control Of Your Destiny…

So Why Are You Still Struggling To Have Success?

Every day should be a step closer to achieving your goals. Unfortunately, it can feel like they are running away from you faster than you can catch them.

You don’t know where to start or how to make the best use of your time. And even areas you have had some success with, you’re worried about this being taken away from you.

The very thing which should give you freedom and control turns into a source of anxiety. You don’t want to work forever with minimal results only to risk having it all taken away from you. I know exactly how it feels.

I’ve Been There. And It’s Actually A Stop On The Path To Success For Anyone Serious About Growing Their Blog.

For me, it wasn’t just the overwhelming amount of work involved – I didn’t know what to do, I was scared of failing and looking stupid, and I wasn’t even sure it was possible.

I decided it was now or never. I created and packaged my first product, and sold it with limited success. But I kept trying, and eventually discovered the secret to creating products which my audience not only wanted, but needed.

With a mindset shift, I was able to change the way I looked at my blog. It wasn’t just my blog, it was my business, and I was going to invest 100% of myself into it.

What I discovered was how to build a brand, a community, an effective email marketing strategy, products my audience needs and much more. Not only have I earned over 7-figures from my blogs, I’m happier. I’m living the life I want, and have the freedom I always craved.

I know how it feels to punish yourself for not reaching your goals. But this needs to stop.

I know you have what it takes to build your blogging business. How? Because I’ve helped hundreds of bloggers realise their dreams that were in the same position you’re in now.

You have the ability to change the situation, to change your destiny and take control of your financial and business success.

I can teach you the skills you need to get your blog growing, to earn income, establish authority, build an audience and create products they’ll love – and to put it all on autopilot. To truly build your dream life.

This is your journey, a chance to start over and invest the most important asset your blog has: you.


Build Blog Freedom Advantage Is Designed To Get You Income, Authority And Freedom

Build Blog Freedom Advantage gives you the everything you need to build a successful blogging brand to reach your dreams.

From beginner to advanced or for those looking to diversify income so they’re not as reliant on algorithms for success, Build Blog Freedom Advantage helps you get more visitors to your site, monetise these visitors and scale effectively.

It’s been designed as a solution to overwhelm, and drafts your plan for success into the future so you can be successful, secure and in control.


This is a course for people who want to do what they love, and it’s been designed to give you clarity and a plan for success.

It’s for people who want to put in the work now to safeguard their future and build their dream life.

This is the way to build your brand, to leave your mark on the world and to be taken seriously as a blogger.

This is your business, your brand – and you’ll discover you don’t need to work too hard or long to be successful, but you need to work smart. Build Blog Freedom Advantage teaches you how.


Get Clarity On Your Goals

What is it that you’re actually trying to achieve? If you don’t know, you won’t get there.
Build Blog Freedom Advantage helps you establish your core goals with a path to reach them.
You’ll transform your mindset, the way you see your blog and let your ideas thrive.

Get Support And Guidance

You won’t go through this process alone. You’ll have access to a community of business minded bloggers in the private Facebook group.
Not to mention direct access to me. Ask away.
We build your blogging brand together, one step at a time.

Futureproof Your Blog

This is the course that lets you take control of your future. You’re building something that will support you financially.
The course focuses on strategies other than SEO, so your success is not determined by algorithms.
This is your chance to do what you love and futureproof your blog.

The 10 Week Training Course

You’ll lay the foundations for your success through a 10 week course. This is where you’ll realise that your dreams are possible to achieve and start following the steps to reach them.

Start getting excited! This course has been specifically designed to get your blog growing and making income, largely on autopilot, so you can live a life of flexibility and freedom!

It works because each step is implemented week by week. The course is fed to you via a drip system where you’ll get access to new content each week.

This is really important – it lets you focus on what’s really essential. You will spend time building the most important parts of your business as well as cultivating the mindset of a business minded blogger.

This is your chance for a transformation. Together, we can make your dreams come true.



Here’s What You Get With Build Blog Freedom Advantage

Full access to the 10 week course

This course guides you on how you can make a living doing what you love. You’ll build an income stream by growing your email list, mastering areas like products and email marketing, build your brand and community, and get the work life balance and freedom you desire.

Avoid overwhelm with dripped content

One of the biggest barriers to building your blogging business is overwhelm and uncertainty. This course effectively eliminates both of these by feeding you select content each week. You’ll always know what to do and you’ll focus on tasks that lead to results.

Lifetime access to the dedicated Facebook group

Community is important. One of the best parts about Build Blog Freedom Advantage is access to the dedicated Facebook group – an online community of other business minded bloggers to offer support and guidance while you build your blogging business.

Build and market products your audience will love

Be taken through the process of building, packaging and selling products on your blog. This is the way to futureproof your blog, to create an income stream independent of SEO and to earn some serious bucks! I’ll guide you through the entire process – I know you can do it!

ALL your questions answered

Unlike many courses taught by other mentors/teachers, I am actively involved in all my courses and Facebook groups. This means that while you will find some very knowledgeable and successful people to help you in our course group, most of the time you’ll get an answer from me. I’m there to help 🙂

Checklists and downloadables so you never get stuck

Build Blog Freedom Advantage is filled with downloadable and checklists to make completing tasks even easier. These downloadables will help you track your progress, organise your weekly jobs and remain on-task.


How You’ll Grow, Week-By-Week

Learn what you need to hit the ground running

Before you begin the course, you’ll be given access to the orientation which is a rundown of exactly how the course works. This module is designed to help you dive into the course with the right mindset and strategy by learning how to get the most out of it. We cover everything essential that you need to know before starting the course. Most importantly, you’ll discover the 3-stages of blogging success and the key to mastering the mindset that you CAN do this!


A big part of having success is knowing exactly what it is you want to achieve. In week 1, we’ll sculpt your plan to get there.

You’ll get access to the first week of content 24 hours after you sign up. Your tasks for the first week will set you up for success with blogging both in this course and beyond. Together, we’ll make a plan for your blog for the next year. This will be your path to success. This module helps you clearly define your niche and audience. You’ll understand what your blog is about, who it is for and who you want in your community. You’ll also start thinking about products that could serve this audience – one of the best ways to monetise your blog.


“The money is in the list.” This statement is often thrown around in internet marketing but what does it mean?

This week you’ll leverage the power of email marketing by creating a system for automatically capturing the email address of readers who land on your site. These are the people who form your target audience. This module will also help you create lead magnets, set up subscriber boxes and allow you to really grow your email list. You’ll finish with an effective strategy for continuously growing one of the most powerful assets a blog can have – your email list.


Your success is in your brand. Create one people remember and trust to retain readers and grow raving fans.

In week 3, you’ll learn how to define your brand and implement this on your blog. You’ll learn why it’s powerful and how to leverage this power with consistent branding and messaging. Your goal is to ensure that you are clear on your brand messaging and applying it everywhere you have a blog presence. This will help you keep growing your blog traffic and income.


Selling products requires you to look at your blog in a whole new way. You’ll learn how in week 4.

There are big reasons why you’ll want to sell your own products: you can earn far more than with commissions, it’s the best way to help your audience and you can gain some serious authority. This is the week you’ll start to build your product. We will use the brainstorming you previously did with the goal of deciding on your product, pricing it, packaging and selling it. This is your plan for success.


Turn your email subscribers into loyal fans.

You worked to build an email list that’s still growing. In week 5, you’ll create an onboarding sequence to welcome new subscribers to your email list and your brand. This is simply a series of emails that sends out automatically when new subscribers join your list. This is how to create a relationship with your subscribers and show them the value of being subscribed, thus creating loyal fans!


Warm up your cold audience with a sales funnel

Sales funnels are effective. They take subscribers who know nothing about your product and turn them into eager customers waiting to purchase. In week 6, you’ll take everything you’ve learned so far and create a sales funnel for your product. You’ll learn more about what your audience wants and what your product needs to be to sell and earn some serious income!


Take a breath!

Week 7 is spent implementing everything you learned in the previous weeks. This is important breathing space to reinforce your knowledge and work on areas you may be lagging behind in. You will have my assistance in the private Facebook group


Expand your blogging empire with your own Facebook Group

You’ll get back to work in week 8 by focusing on another powerful way to build a community around your blog – a Facebook group. A Facebook group is a powerful way to grow your authority, connect with your audience, sell products and services and promote your blog. Your goal this week is to start your own Facebook group and to start growing your own community.


A blogger’s content is their most powerful tool. Use yours to take readers on a journey.

Planning is important, and advanced content planning means combining your blog, social media channels, Facebook group, email and any other channel in a cohesive manner to achieve all your blogging goals. This week you’ll create a powerful content schedule for the coming month. You’ll learn to take readers on a transformation and once you start planning content in this way, you won’t ever want to go back!


That’s it. You’re all set up.

By week 10 you will feel completely different about blogging than you did 9 weeks ago. Your blogging business will largely be established, with a funnel for bringing in subscribers and customers, products to sell and market, a growing brand and a community and audience within your control. This week we set you up for continued growth and success into the future, and get ready to dive into the bonus content.



Ready to get started? Join Build Blog Freedom Advantage


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You’ll Have More Success With Your Advantage Bonuses

Bonus #1: Build Product Freedom

Delve even deeper into creating, launching and selling your products, as well as improving your email marketing with this specialised area of Build Blog Freedom.

Access to eight additional courses to help you build, sell and market products

Access to two recorded master class sessions on sales funnels

Get more in-depth knowledge on email marketing and product creation


Bonus #2: Building Community

This bonus gives you access to a section of Build Blog Freedom focusing deeper on building a community around your blog – your ticket to creating loyal fans.

Access to a full, in-depth course to build a Facebook Group

Access to a course on Advanced Content Planning to engage readers

Access to an exclusive Behind The Scenes content planning master class


Risk Free, Money Back Guarantee

Build Blog Freedom Advantage is backed by a 7 day money back guarantee.
Join, try it out and if you aren’t loving the content, simply send me an email within 7 days of purchasing and you’ll receive a full refund – no questions asked.
This is plenty of time to see if the course is at your level and whether it will bring you the success you’re looking for.


Who Am I?

Hello! I’m Sharon Gourlay, the creator of Digital Nomad Wannabe, a professional blogger, digital entrepreneur and mother to 3 young kids. I’ve been in the blogging sphere for a number of years and have helped hundreds of other bloggers make their dreams a reality.

I found my freedom in my online business.

Prior to that, I was a Stay-At-Home Mum and felt trapped in a cycle where my husband and I were working longer and harder but getting further from our dreams. Luckily, I took a chance and gradually discovered the path to making my dreams a reality. And now I get to help others do the same. It’s something I’m thankful for everyday.

Whilst I have multiple income streams using the strategies I teach, by far the most success I’ve had has been through creating and selling my products with the strategies that I teach you in this course. I always put my audience first, and I’ve created this to help YOU have success. If I can do it, you can too 🙂

~ Sharon Gourlay


What My Past Clients Have Said…

In my early days of blogging, I spent way too much time worrying about page views and why I wasn’t making a good income. Looking back now, the day that I finally took the plunge to create my own product was the day my blog income took off. I had thoughts around creating a product for my blog that would be beneficial for my audience but I had no idea about how to actually publish it from start to finish. Sharon’s course helped to guide me along the process and give me the confidence to start selling. By the time my eBook was released, I had built a reasonable sized Facebook Group. Getting the members into the group came naturally to me but monetising the group did not. Once again, Sharon’s course gave me the confidence and steps to convert Facebook Group members into paying customers.

Kate Comer

Rolling Along With Kids

Sharon doesn’t disappoint with this in depth look at email marketing, sales funnels and growing your blog. Her passion to help other bloggers reach their goals shines through and, combined with her years of blogging and teaching experience, leads to material which is easy to understand and enact for great results. Her ability to cut through the noise to keep things simple, yet powerful, makes her a great blogging mentor.

Meg Jerrard

Online Group Success

I have followed Sharon’s email marketing strategies with great success. Sharon’s instructions for setting up an email marketing system are easy to follow and she provides sound advice on the reasons she includes each step of the process. I love that Sharon teaches methods that work for her, and with a little personalisation for my blog, they have worked for me, too. Thanks to Sharon’s email marketing strategy, I’ve been able to build a solid community of subscribers who look forward to receiving my emails each month.

Carolyn Schonafinger

Holidays to Europe and Holidays to Switzerland

I have a brand new niche site and know that a Facebook Group used as a community should absolutely be a part of my growth strategy for this particular niche. However, beyond knowing that it SHOULD be a part of my plan, I actually had no real game plan in and of itself. With minimal time (and a severe dislike for social media!), I have been too nervous about the time consumption of starting a group without a clear, laid-out-for-me plan. I didn’t want to waste time on a strategy that didn’t work. However, after completing Sharon’s “Build a Community: Run a Facebook Group” lessons, I actually felt like I had a direction of where to go and a solid foundation for what to do instead of just guesswork. While still in the beginning days of my Facebook group, I actually have the confidence, schedule, plenty of ideas, and groundwork laid for success to come.

LeAnna Brown

Well Traveled Nebraskan

Setting up my Facebook community using the strategy and advice given by Sharon in Build Blog Freedom Advantage was one of the best things I have done over the last year for my blog, and her clear action steps allowed me to actually get it done without too much procrastinating! Not only has it helped me to grow my audience and blog reach, but it’s helped me to connect with my community members and understand their pain points and needs – and how I can help them better. Having my destination group has directly led to more affiliate sales, more traffic, and more importantly helped me to work out a clear path for the development of my blog. Even at the current time, when international travel to the destination is still closed, the group has continued to attract new members and has become a place for people to come to and share when they miss travelling.

Ellie Cleary

Soul Travel Blog

Still need to work on generating traffic?

Total beginner or just aren’t generating the traffic you desire?
My 10 week course, Build Blog Freedom Fast Track, was designed to help you implement top SEO strategies on your blog and generate traffic and passive income via affiliate marketing on your blog.
Combining Build Blog Freedom Advantage with the Fast Track is the ultimate business strategy. Interested? You can get both courses together at a discounted rate.

Get Advantage And Fast Track

$US997* – SAVE $197

Pay-Per-Month (11 Payments)

$97 per month*

What is Build Blog Freedom Fast Track?

Learn more here

*GST will be added for Australians. All transactions are in USD.


The Build Blog Freedom Advantage Difference

Let’s sum it up… In just 10 weeks Build Blog Freedom Advantage will help you to:


Build a powerful email list on autopilot

This is a foundation for blogging success and one of your biggest assets. You’ll learn how to set this up from scratch, get tonnes of subscribers, engage your subscribers and put it all on autopilot.


Build and sell your own products

Products are how you’ll make your income. You’ll create your own product/s you’ll be proud of. You’ll discover the power of sales funnels and build your own to sell your product on autopilot.


Establish Authority And Create Community

You’re creating a business that builds on itself, and building your blog means building your brand. You’ll master branding, Facebook Groups to build a community and create respect and authority for your brand.


Have A Business Plan For Moving Forward

The transformation won’t stop at 10 weeks. You’ll continue to grow with a business plan for your blog. You’ll master advanced content planning and transform your mindset about your blog and yourself.


Lifetime Access To Course Materials

Bonus Courses To Propel Your Growth

ALL Your Questions Answered

A generous 7 day money back guarantee

And best of all… FREEDOM!


This is your path to success, security and to being in control and ahead of competition. This is your opportunity.


Questions? You May Find The Answer Below

How is this course different?

Build Blog Freedom Advantage is designed to help you transform your blog from where it is now to a business which not only helps your audience but gives you the success you need. The lessons are extremely practical and you will be implementing as you go so you can see results faster.

This is the only course I know of that will truly show you how to create and sell your own products, master email marketing, build a brand and use Facebook groups to support and grow your community. It’s a winning combination! And it’s all presented step-by-step so you can avoid overwhelm. You always have the support of me and your fellow students in the Facebook group.

How does this course differ to Build Blog Freedom Fast Track?

The Fast Track is focused on SEO and affiliate marketing. In Advantage, we do not concentrate on getting traffic but what to do once we have that traffic and how to build a sustainable business from our blogs with products and email marketing to stop being so reliant on other sources (like Google and Amazon) for success. The courses complement each other.

If your biggest pain point right now is getting traffic then start with the Fast Track course. The courses do not relate directly and you can complete either course or both.

Combining Fast Track and Advantage will help you build your blogging business from scratch and generate traffic, earn passive income with affiliate marketing, build and sell your own products and have the ultimate business plan to go forward.

If you’re interested, you can purchase both courses together and get $100 off! Click here and get both Fast Track and Advantage for just $US997* (usually $US1194). Click here to get them both for $US97* per month over 11 months. Learn more about Fast Track here.

*GST will be added for Australians

How much time do I need to complete this course?

This course is designed to take approximately 12-15 hours a week over 10 weeks. There will also be tasks left for you to complete at the end of this period. The course material is completely self paced so it’s fine if you need to take time away to travel or look after a sick kid.

If you have less than 12 hours a week, you can still do the course, it will just take longer. It is waiting for you when you are ready, and you get lifetime access to the material. The bonus courses will take longer to complete 🙂

Will the strategies in this course still work during the coronavirus pandemic?

This course is all about finding ways to truly support your readers and grow a community around your blog. The current pandemic only increases the need for support and valuable information. A Facebook group and your own products is the perfect way to support your audience at this time.

Some niches will find the pandemic makes their niche even more popular, while for others, like travel, it’s a bigger struggle than normal. However, being focused on your audience’s needs, like this course teaches you, will help you have success no matter what else is going on in the world around you.

Do I have to have the content dripped?

As a teacher, I chose to have the course content dripped to you (meaning you get access to one week of lessons at a time), because it’s generally the best way to learn and will help you avoid overwhelm. However, I know for some people, you’d rather get access to content quicker and work through the course at a faster pace. If at any time you need access to more content, just send us an email and we’ll give it to you.

You can move through the content at whatever pace you would like. You also get full access to the bonus courses as soon as you sign up so there’s always something to study.

Is this suitable for beginners?

If you are a total beginner to blogging, the learning curve will be steep and you will need more time to complete the course. This course assumes you already have a blog and you know how to do things like create and edit posts. It is designed for bloggers who are at the stage of their journey where they know their blog is not just a hobby.

However, this course does not assume you know anything about the specific topics discussed like Facebook groups, email marketing and building products. So you can still work through it if you are a beginner and have success. You won’t be the only beginner in the course.

Note that this course isn’t about getting traffic. This is why a better starting point for beginners can be the Fast Track where you learn how to get traffic via SEO. Click here to learn more.

Do I need to spend any money beyond the course fees to complete this course?

No, it is not essential. However, you do need to have an email marketing service. If you have less than 2000 subscribers, you can use MailChimp which is free. However, MailChimp can somewhat be limited in functionality so the tutorials in this course for setting up email sequences use Active Campaign which is a paid service. The choice is yours, however.

There are also a few other plugins and services mentioned in the course material which can make your life easier, but it’s up to you whether you purchase them or not. It’s not essential for completing the course or having success with products.

Why should I trust another blogger?

The only reason I can deliver this course to you is because of my own success with blogging. I’ve worked to learn the skills and strategies to make a blog successful and I know I can help you, but why trust me? Because I only teach you what I know.

I teach you the exact strategies I used to grow my blog into a 7 figure online business. I’m known for being transparent and doing things in a way that leads to maximum result with minimum effort, and Build Blog Freedom Advantage is the best way to show you this.

What's the return policy?

Build Blog Freedom Advantage offers a generous 7 day money back guarantee. This is more than enough time to enter the course, look around and discover whether you think you’ll benefit from it. If you want to quit at this time, simply send me an email and you’ll be withdrawn and refunded your money – no questions asked.



Reach Your Full Potential With Build Blog Freedom Advantage


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