WordPress Setup Service

So you’ve decided to start a blog/niche site/webpage using WordPress? Good choice – WordPress is one of the simplest publishing platforms around. Because of that it is really popular – some estimates have 25% of websites in the world running off some form of WordPress.

This popularity means there’s a wide range of plugins (to give your site more functionality) and themes (to get it looking great) that are available to help you. Many are free.

WordPress is also straightforward to set up on your own. However, setting up a website isn’t something everyone feels comfortable with or enjoys. If you need some assistance to get your site going (and are using a hosting service) then we can help.

Our WordPress Setup Service will:

  • Install WordPress in your hosting accout
  • Carry out the initial configuration
  • Set up your SSL certificate if you have ordered this as well (or use SiteGround where it is free).
  • Install some useful plugins that will help your site’s performance and management as it grows (but we’ll discuss it with you first to make sure you’re happy to have them).

Once we’re done your site will be ready to go (and live!). All you’ll need to do is customising how your site looks and then start adding content.


Please note: This service is only for new websites.

To use this service, you will first need to order your hosting package. We recommend using SiteGround. It’s a great host with great support and they also include a SSL certificate for free.

It is easy to sign up for hosting, but if you need help, here is a video which shows this step by step here.

If you want us to set up a SSL certificate with a different hosting provider, you will also need to buy this certificate before contacting us.

To perform this service, we will need the credentials to your hosting account. We may also ask for access to your account with whoever sold you the domain name. It is understandable if you are not comfortable with this, but if that’s the case please do not order this package.

To order, fill in the form below. After you hit the Order button you’ll be taken to Pay Pal to complete your order. Please note, the payment account is for [email protected] We’ll be in touch by email within one business day with the next steps.

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