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Want to Gain Readers, Increase Profits and Have an Ongoing Passive Income Stream?

Learn How To Make Money Using SEO!

Steal my EXACT process for making over $20,000 a month in PASSIVE INCOME by combining SEO and Affiliate Marketing on my blog and niche sites.

Do you...

  • Have a blog, niche site or other site that is not earning as much as you would like?
  • Want an easy system for making money from your site that you can set up and forget?
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This Complete Program Includes:

The Video Presentation “How to Gain Readers and Make Money: The Power of SEO”

Learn why you should care about SEO and affiliate marketing, how to find buying keywords and how to ensure that you can rank for the keywords you pick. You will also learn how to rank for many keywords at the same time and how you can boost articles that haven’t quite made it to the #1 position.

Supplementary Notes and Slides

You will receive further information and links to useful articles to help you implement this SEO and affiliate marketing strategy for yourself. You will also receive a copy of the slides used for the presentation.

Check List for Calculating the Competitiveness of a Keyword

This bonus inclusion will ensure you don’t forget what you need to look for when determining if a keyword is too competitive or not. It details what you need to look for in a keyword and what you want to find in a handy checklist format.

See what some of our customers have to say…

Sharon’s tutorial has helped me understand the power of SEO and the importance of it when running a successful blog. Her step by step presentation doesn’t teach you just about how to use SEO in blogging, but helps you have the right mindset of using it in a way that doesn’t diminish the value of your work. Using all her tips together will help any blogger increase their page views, drive more traffic and in the end, make more income.



Sharon’s was the most useful presentation we attended this year at TBEX Asia 2015 in Bangkok. It was simple and clear, with a lot of practical information which can be easily implemented. Sharon gave us the tools to take our blog to the next level and make money with affiliates through the power of SEO. We see Sharon as an authority in the blogging community and an example of someone who is highly successful with affiliate marketing. Thanks to Sharon, we have defined a very clear marketing strategy for our blog and cannot wait to put it into action.

Stefan and Sebastien

Nomadic Boys Travel Blog

We have been following Sharon for a while now and from the very beginning we could see that she was a woman that knew what she was talking about when it comes to SEO and optimizing your blog. To have the opportunity to see her speak at TBEX was one we didn’t want to miss – and she didn’t disappoint. We learnt so many new ways to improve our own SEO techniques, which we know will take our blog to the next level. Her insight into SEO is invaluable to anyone wanting to live a Travel Freedom lifestyle.


Travel Freedom Network

Learn my exact process for making money by combining SEO and Affiliate Marketing!

SEO isn’t hard or complicated. You just need to find a path through the BS and use a strategy that works.

In this presentation, you will learn my proven process and how to implement it for yourself.


A Preview…

…of what you’ll get in the full program, including:
>> Full presentation of How to Gain Readers and Make Money: The Power of SEO

>> All slides and supplementary notes so you can implement the process too

>> A bonus check list to use every time you want to evaluate whether you can rank for a keyword.

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