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Online job ideas

The biggest question mark about how we are going to be digital nomads is what we will do to earn an online income.computerSome ideas I have considered:

1. Selling things
I have thought about selling things like Tim Ferriss in the Four Hour Work Week. Although he makes this work with minimal effort, I believe he has been pretty lucky with this.

2. Paid surveys
It seems amazing to me that people would pay me to complete surveys, but they do! I found a list here of paid surveys. However, I couldn’t earn enough money to support us this way and it seems time consuming.

3. Software products
My husband works in his free time for a business in which he has a share.  We hoped this would allow us to become location independent.  However, it’s been a year and so far we have seen no money.  Next month, we hope to start clearing $500 a month, but it’s not for certain.  He puts a lot of effort in, and it does feel like that effort could go further if he invested it in our own ventures.  Anyway, it will provide one income stream for us.

4. IT contracts
Another thing we want to investigate is IT contracts with companies here.  We have both worked on small contracts in the past where smaller companies are paying reasonably big bucks for guaranteed support work when things go wrong.  Given we will live somewhere where we need less money, if we could make a deal with one of these companies, we think we could be a good proposition for them.  We would charge less than people here and be more on call as we wouldn’t need 5-10 clients to make this work and then need to balance their needs.  We could live well on a couple of clients.

5. Online contracts thought sites like Elance
With IT skills in our reportoire this is definitely something we are going to investigate further, especially for my husband.  I do wonder if it is possible to make much money on here though when there are so many people around the world charging very low prices.

6. Online teaching/tutoring
I am definitely going to look into online teaching.  Two things worry me about this though:
1. That I won’t earn enough money for it to be really worthwhile.
2. That it will tie us to places with guaranteed great internet.

7. Blogging
I have also considered and read a lot about trying to make money out of blogging.  It seems like a hell of a lot of work for little return.  Plus, blogging is my hobby and I don’t want to make it start seeming like a chore by not doing it the way I want in the hope of extra views or click throughs.  In saying that, I feel that way about my main travel blog.  If I can get this blog to make money for me, I may have to adapt 😉

I do plan to try to make blogging an extra income source though.  I want to learn more about wordpress, SEO, marketing my blogs, writing better, etc to see if I can make some income out of blogging, as I do really love it.

8. Jobs like Search Engine Evaluators for google
I want to investigate this further.

So this is what I am thinking at the moment.  Most probably, we will try to earn an online income from a combination of the above.

About the Author

Sharon Gourlay is passionate about working online and helping others to follow in her footsteps. She left Australia with her young family at the end of 2014 determined to grow an online business. She succeeded and now supports her family of 5 to live their dream lifestyle.

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