A Niche Site Could Change Your Life. Experience The Freedom A Niche Site Can Offer You.

Imagine the flexibility of working WHEN you want, WHERE you want.

Stop thinking about what life COULD be like. Live the life YOU want.

I’ve made no secret that my success working online has been thanks to my niche sites. I’ve been sharing tips on how to do this for years.

I began creating niche sites because I envisioned a different life for my family. A lifestyle that simply wasn’t possible with a 9-5 job.

This has been the place where I’ve shared the entire journey – from moving to Malaysia to build my niche sites to earning my very first dollar to where I am now.

My niche sites have provided more than just an income – they have completely transformed my life. They taught me what I know about SEO and affiliate marketing which has transformed my travel blog.

This has lead to a business which has allowed both my husband and I to quit our 9-5 jobs and instead live entirely off this income in Australia – and travel whenever we want.

But more than this – it’s given us time. We have more time together than we could have ever imagined in our 9-5 workdays. We have the flexibility to pack up and go whenever we want. This has been the greatest gift of all as we now live the life WE want to live.

Niche sites are what took me from trying to earn money online to earning a FULL TIME INCOME.

Your life could look like this…

The flexibility to structure your time how you want

Creating a passive income stream that earns you money while you sleep

Owning an asset worth 20 times its monthly value

Working from home, a cafe, a beach, a cruise… anywhere!

Niche sites are the ultimate way to make money online

Niche sites are such a great way to make money because they work.

Here’s the thing…

A niche site is NOT hard to build – but it is IMPERATIVE that you do it the right way.

The only way you will have success making money with a niche site is if you build it using proven strategies and techniques. There’s no other way to do it. You can have the best looking website in the world, but if it’s not ranking in Google you’ll struggle to earn a single dollar.

Niche sites can be a MUCH faster way to make money than blogging.

Not only do they require little financial sacrifice initially, but niche sites can begin earning money MUCH quicker than a blog. This is because, from the beginning, you will be building your site around a topic where you know there is a hole in the market and you know how you will reach your target audience

Niche sites can WORK.

This isn’t something you’re doing by chance. Building a niche site is a strategic process that requires research, analysis, careful evaluation and monitoring. This isn’t to say it’s hard – but it’s NOT a simple process. But this does mean one thing – done correctly, you have a great chance to make money. And I’m not just saying this, I know this because I have built many niche sites myself.

Your life should be about you, not your job. Are you ready to make a change?

It’s time to stop dreaming. Now’s the time to embrace the life you want with the ultimate toolkit for building money making niche sites.

This is your major opportunity to start and to receive ongoing support throughout the entire process. At the end of the 8 week course, you will own two niche sites – and you can do this even while working a full time job.

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Welcome to

A course designed to help people like you build a niche site from scratch from picking a niche to earning your first affiliate income and everything in between. With complete support from me along the way.

This is your opportunity to make your dream of working online a reality.

The moment you enroll you’ll receive INSTANT ACCESS to the introductory modules so that you can begin taking action NOW

Just read some comments from my Private Facebook Groups…

My name is Sharon Gourlay and I’ve created my online empire primarily with the use of niche sites.

After being dissatisfied with my career and our life in Australia, I decided to take the plunge. I moved the kids to Malaysia right after finishing my first niche sites – and let me tell you, it was a HUGE gamble. The year before I hadn’t even heard of niche sites.

I was so confident in my ability to make it happen and, although I learned a few lessons along the way, I did.

 We now live our dream lifestyle travelling around the globe with a gorgeous home in our favourite place. I can work from home today and Hong Kong tomorrow. I have the most flexibility I’ve had in my entire life.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up

8 Weeks Of Course Material

Each week you’ll receive access to new course material guiding you through the process of building your niche sites. At the end of the 8 week period, you will have two of your very own niche sites ready to make you money (valued at $999)

Content Templates And Examples

Nothing will be left to chance. You’ll receive full templates to build your website content that are proven to work, and see examples of layouts so you can design your site (valued at $349)

Access To Secondary Course – Building A PBN

You’ll also receive a SECONDARY COURSE which will guide you through the process of building and managing an entire PBN if you choose to use this link building method (valued at $499)

Lifetime Access To The Private Facebook Group

The private Facebook group will put you in communication with not only me but other members of this course so that you can share thoughts, support each other and most importantly – build links (valued at $99)

LIVE Q&A Sessions

There will be four LIVE Q&A sessions over the 8 weeks so that you can address any problems, queries and thoughts, and I can clarify them (valued at $199)

Ongoing Support

You receive lifetime access to the Facebook group where you can continue to communicate with other niche site owners to help in the rest of your niche site journey.

What we’ll cover each week over 8 weeks…

Picking A Niche That Will Make You Money

Week 1 is where you’ll learn how to select a niche that will make you money. We’ll cover…
✓ How to get inspiration for your niche site
✓ Choosing between alternatives
✓ Working out which niche will make the most money


Want More Support? Consider The VIP Package

I’m also offering private coaching for those looking for dedicated 1:1 support. This is where you’ll receive assistance in the form of:

3 x 30 minute calls with me via Skype

Unlimited email support over the 8 week course period

I’ll personally check your work at key points including your chosen niche, your keyword plan for the main buying guide, your overall site and a PBN site/guest post links

Here’s what people are saying

The Niche Site Freedom has provided me with the tools to confidently build 2 niche sites. Sharon’s help was invaluable and her support throughout the course was fantastic. The decision to spend my hard earned money on this course is the best one I have made this year.

Kate Comer

NSF Student

This course far exceeded my expectations. Even though I did it at my own pace, I felt Sharon, and indeed the rest of the group, was right there with me to help every step of the way. I’ve not only created two new sites but learned so many things I want to apply to my pre-existing websites.

Alison Cornford-Matheson

NSF Student

Sharon delivers a thorough, excellently presented course crammed full of the knowledge she has gained from setting up successful niche sites herself. I feel reassured knowing that I have a well researched, well set up niche site that will continue to grow. The level of the support Sharon provides is extremely high quality and her dedication to my success is hugely motivating.

Megan Davies

NSF Student

Sharon has played a crucial role in helping me create a passive income stream with my niche sites. She’s been able to take her knowledge to create a course that has highlighted the exact processes I needed to know when I first began building niche sites.The course is easy to follow and isn’t overwhelming. There is no easier way to create financial freedom online than with a niche site and Sharon’s guidance throughout the entire process is something that is priceless.

Bethaney Davies

Flashpacker Family

A Facebook Group Full Of Support

The best thing about this course is that you won’t be going through it alone.

Throughout the entire 8 weeks and beyond you’ll have access to a private Facebook group putting you in direct contact with other members of the course.

This will help you stay on track and give you an additional layer of support, allowing you to discuss course specifics with others that will be at the exactly the same stage as you. I will also be very active in this group.

It’s also a great networking opportunity. You can use this group to swap links to your niche sites and share hosting costs.

Start the journey now and receive my help along the entire way.



Who is this course suitable for?

I’ve designed this course to be suitable for everyone. We will go step by step through the entire process – even from building a site from scratch with WordPress so if you have never built a site before, no worries.

Will I need to spend anything?

Niche sites do require a small investment. I recommend you budget US$70 per niche site for the domain name and hosting. I also recommend that you budget an additional $60 for a keyword tool and the EazyAzon plugin. If you want to build a PBN then this will require more money. This course also teaches you to build links with white hat methods which are free.

How long will the course take?

You can complete it at your own pace but it is very much recommended that you keep up with the course and finish it within the 8 weeks so that you can take advantage of the dedicated support and help in the Facebook group, including live Q&A’s.

How many hours per week?

This will depend on your skill level with building sites, creating keyword plans, writing content etc. For most people, 10-15 hours per week will be enough to build their first site. It will take about 50% more time to build the second site at the same time which is what I recommend.

Why are we building two sites?

Sometimes a niche site just doesn’t work how we want. To start with, I built three sites and 1 was de-indexed after a month. If I had just built that site, I would have given up with niche sites which would have effectively lost me a lot of money. By building two niche sites with my support you will have the best chance of success.

Do I have to build a PBN?

You don’t have to, but it is a great way to get links to your niche site. There are alternative ways to get links which will be covered in the course and this will save you the extra work of creating and managing a PBN. Keep in mind that if you want to build a PBN, it isn’t cheap. You will have to budget extra money for domains and hosting and there are ongoing costs involved. At a minimum I would budget $1,000 to build an effective PBN.

What if I change my mind?

No problem. After you purchase the course, you’ll be given access to the introductory module and the first week of content. If, after the first week, you decide the course is not right for you, you’ll receive a full refund within 7 days of the course start date. I’m confident that you’ll be convinced by this point that you’ll want to go through the entire process with me.

More questions? You can email me at:  [email protected]


This course is closed. Click here to be notified next time it opens



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