The work you do on your blog NEEDS to lead to traffic and income. If it doesn’t, you’re not not doing it right.

Stop listening to bad advice and start focusing on what works!

You can have a blog that stands above the rest. You can effectively monetise that blog. You can have freedom to live YOUR dream.

Build Blog Freedom Fast Track will help you make it happen


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Build Blog Freedom Fast Track includes:








The Result: An easy to follow, 10-week blueprint to grow your traffic, income and authority.


Week-By-Week, Here’s What You Learn


Before you even begin the course, you’ll learn how to get the most out of it and how to get the most out of your blog. Most importantly, you’ll discover the 3-stages of blogging success and the key to mastering the mindset that you CAN become a professional blogger!

Week 1: Defining Your Niche

The first week is all about discovering your niche and your blog’s advantage. You’ll learn why this is important and set some serious goals to start tracking your success over the course.

Week 2: Setting Up Your Blog For SEO Success

This week, you’ll learn the importance of SEO and begin setting up your site for SEO success. You’ll also discover why site structure is important, as well as internal links and how to use them.

Week 3: Becoming A Keyword Ninja

Keywords are one of the most essential elements for good SEO. It’s one of the most important weeks in the course so make sure you understand what you need to do to find and use great keywords by the end of this week with my keyword plan strategy.

Week 4: Everything You Need To Know About Affiliates

This week, you cover the fundamentals of affiliate marketing so that you can understand how to best use it for the best results and start getting results straight away by updating some of your existing articles.

Week 5: SEO + Affiliate Marketing: The Secrets For Passive Income

This week, you will learn exactly how to apply this knowledge to earn passive income by writing product buying guides that rank on the first page of Google and convert any reader that finds them!

Week 6: Implementation week

This week is spent implementing everything you learned in the previous weeks. This is important breathing space to reinforce your knowledge.

Week 7: Link Building: The Key To More Traffic

This week, we cover the other super important topic in SEO – link building. I walk you through what you need to implement for success in this area and, by the end of the week, you will have started link building and have an ongoing strategy for getting links to your blog.

Week 8: Implementation week

This is another week spent implementing everything you learned in the previous weeks. You’ll find this time great for building links to your site and receive support for doing so in the private Facebook group.

Week 9: Optimising Existing Posts - The Key To More Success

This week I take you through all the steps to optimise an existing post for maximum success. We optimise for SEO and income and build this into a system for ongoing success with growing your traffic and income from existing posts. There are also additional lessons for later with ways to optimise for social media traffic and how to get traffic now via email.

Week 10: What Next? Planning For Continual Success

At this point, you will feel completely different about blogging than you did 9 weeks ago when you began! This week we talk about what you should do next now you are finished in the Fast Track.



BONUS #1: Advertising Fast Track

Get step-by-step instructions for making money from advertising from YOUR blog, the fast track way.
This mini course contains everything you need to know to make money from advertising on your blog so you can start making passive income NOW!

Valued at $200 | FREE

BONUS #2: Linking Guide

Securing links can be one of the trickiest parts of SEO… but in this guide you are given 15 REAL linking opportunities to get results FAST.
This is perhaps the best way to show you that you don’t need to spend months doing things to have a big impact on your blog.

Valued at $300 | FREE

BONUS #3: Three Additional Courses

Get access to THREE additional courses – SEO Freedom, Affiliate Marketing Freedom and Optimising Posts For More Success.
Discover how to bring a consistent flow of traffic to your blog on autopilot, earn passive income and optimise your existing content to get more traffic right now.

Valued at $591 | FREE

BONUS #4: Private Facebook Group

You have my full support in the members-only private Facebook group, which you receive lifetime access to.
This not only connects you to me but also other bloggers who are just as serious about blogging success as you are.

Valued at $500 | FREE


Your Risk Free, Guarantee! 7-Days To Get Your Money Back

I want you to feel totally comfortable that Build Blog Freedom Fast Track is right for you which is why the course is backed by a 7 day money back guarantee.

Come in, try it out, and if you aren’t loving the content, simply send me an email within 7 days of purchasing and you’ll receive a full refund – no questions asked.

This is plenty of time to see if the course is at your level and whether it will bring you success.


Check out what current students of Build Blog Freedom have to say…


I’ve been applying the techniques learnt in the course for almost three months. During this time, my monthly page views have almost doubled, from 27K to 52K. 92% of that traffic is organic search. Using Sharon’s Keysearch strategies to research keywords has completely changed the way I plan and write posts. Previously, my approach to SEO could best be characterized as stabbing in the dark. Her technique for optimizing old posts has also brought new life to many neglected older posts. The lessons are broken into nicely bite-sized chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed. Sharon is also extremely responsive to any questions her students have.

Ingrid Truemper

Second-Half Travels


I started my new site in January. It’s now March. I do no social media promotion. Using Sharon’s techniques and expert advice, I now have a site that runs 100% on Google search traffic and makes between $5 and $15 USD daily (from affiliate and Adsense) with well under 100 pageviews a day, and exactly 7 published articles. What Sharon has taught me in BBF is completely different to every other blog course in that it shows me how to create a money machine that runs without me needing to constantly promote and tweak things

Emma Healey

Little House Lovely Home


I’ve been blogging for over a year and during that time I’ve taken two other blogging courses. So, I felt like I had a good idea of what I was doing. But my biggest struggle was making any money. My page views still aren’t super high and I thought the money would come once I was able to increase those. But after just one month of Build Blog Freedom I’ve already started to see affiliate income rolling in! Not only that, but my page views are increasing too. After taking the SEO module I immediately implemented some changes to a popular article and it jumped from spot 11 on Google to spot 4 in under a week! It’s like a lightbulb has gone on in my head and I now know where I want to get with my blog and how to get there. Best blogging decision I ever made.

Nadine Maffre

Le Long Weekend

This course is ideal for people who…

Already have a blog and are serious about learning successful SEO and affilite marketing strategies

Are having some success with SEO and affiliate marketing but don’t understand how to take their efforts to the next level OR have not started monetising or attracting traffic in this way

Are ready to follow a strategy for success that keeps them in control and ahead of the competition

This course is NOT for you if you don’t want to invest in your blog and aren’t serious about following a strategy for success. These strategies only work if you invest energy into implementing them.


Have a question? You might find the answer below.

How is this course different?

Build Blog Freedom Fast Track is a course designed to fast track the process of building a successful blog. It gives you the 80/20 of blogging – the 20% you need to do for 80% of the results. It does this by giving you new lessons each week with all the info you need for success. However, it is self paced and you can do the course in your own time. This way you’ll be able to avoid feeling overwhelmed, balance your life and do things right the first time around. There’s no end date and you will continue to receive lifetime support in the private Facebook group.

Is it really possible to have success with blogging?

There’s a lot of discussion around blogging being a saturated market. While there are a plenty of blogs out there, only a tiny percent of these are actually implementing strategies that are proven to work consistently and effectively, which means low competition for those that want to take blogging seriously. By following proven strategies like the ones provided in Build Blog Freedom Fast Track, it is absolutely possible to have success with blogging.

Will the strategies in this course still work during the coronavirus pandemic?

Great SEO and great affiliate marketing doesn’t change because of the current situation.

Some niches will definitely find this time challenging but great SEO takes 6-12 months to get top results at any time so doing the course now will put you in a great position to recover quickly when the current mess is over.

For this reason, I’d say that right now is the PERFECT TIME to work on SEO.

Do I need to already have a blog?

Yes. Build Blog Freedom Fast Track is for bloggers that are looking to take their existing blog to the next level.

Is this suitable for beginners?

If you are a total beginner to blogging, the learning curve will be steep. This course assumes you already have a blog and you know how to do things like create and edit posts. It is designed for bloggers who are at the stage of their journey where they know their blog is not just a hobby. If you are a beginner at SEO and Affiliate Marketing then everything is explained although expect to need to spend more time to get through the content and to see results. There are many beginners in the Fast Track already and you won’t be alone. Likewise, there are many bloggers who have been blogging for years and want to master SEO and affiliate marketing. The course contains advanced content for when you are ready for it.

Do I need to use WordPress

The lessons will show you how to do things in WordPress. It isn’t essential that you have a WordPress site, some students do not, but it will make things easier.

How much time will I need to complete the course material?

Everything you learn in the course is designed to be applied as you learn it over the 10 week period. This means you don’t need to find extra time on top of your usual blogging tasks -do the course during this period instead of these usual tasks. Expect to need 12-15 hours a week to keep up with the material. The course material is also designed to be completely self paced so it’s fine if you need to take time away to travel or look after a sick kid. If you have less than 12 hours a week, you can still do the course, it will just take longer. It is waiting for you when you are ready. The bonus courses will take longer.

Why should I trust a fellow blogger?

The only reason I am able to deliver this course to you is because of my own knowledge and success with blogging. I know it can work and I know the strategies that can make your blog successful, but why trust me? Because I used these exact strategies to grow my travel blog into a 6 figure online business. I’m known for being transparent, and Build Blog Freedom Fast Track an accumulation of the best knowledge I have.

What's the return policy?

I’m glad you asked. Build Blog Freedom Fast Track offers a generous 7 day money back guarantee. This is more than enough time to enter the course, look around and discover whether you think you’ll benefit from it. If you want to quit in this time, simply send me an email and you’ll be withdrawn and refunded your money – no questions asked.

If you have a question that isn’t listed above, feel free to forward it to [email protected]

Blogging Success Is Possible – Build Your Dream Life With Build Blog Freedom Fast Track


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US$597 US$497*


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Total cost $595* | SAVE $84

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