Australian Lifestyle/Travel/Parenting Blog For Sale Earning $267/Month

Site: Australian Dad –
Updated: 1 March 2023


  • Launched August 2019 with Australian travel and lifestyle content
  • Averaging AUD$267/month over last six months
  • Over 3,000 page views in January 2023 and again in February 2023
  • 35 posts, mostly product buying guides
  • Domain Authority of 18

Give it some love and help return it to its former glory!

I started this site with my husband in 2019 when SimplerAndSmarter was doing well and I wanted to replicate that success.

It started with local travel and camping content while we also outsourced product buying guides to serve the Australian market. Initially, this was all in travel/camping/parenting gear, but it did become more broad over time.

It’s been neglected for years at this point, not helped by algorithm updates. It never received a penalty, but lost traffic, especially in the product review update in late July 2022.

I have not tried to get it back to its former glory.

It’s a great starter site as you could easily transform it into many niches while still having a very brandable name.


Traffic from Jan 2022 to Jan 2023
Traffic from Jan 2022 to Jan 2023

As mentioned above, the site was affected by the product review update in late July 2022.

I have not put any real energy into this site for years.

We added one new article in 2022. Otherwise, we have been using a strategy of moving content between this site and some others (being listed for sale as well). Basically, if a buying guide doesn’t perform (so less than 100 views per 30 days), I may remove it from a site and add it to a different one.

This has meant that some content has moved off here over the last couple of years and some has been added from other sites. Content that performs well has never been moved. With Google Analytics access, you can see that the content that is getting hits is on the site.

At the start of 2022, much of the travel content was moved off to a different site.

In January, the site had over 3,100 page views.

January Google Analytics data
January Google Analytics data

February was also over 3,000 page views. You can see the latest data by requesting Google Analytics access.

The majority of traffic is from Google. While Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook accounts exist for this site, I am not active on them at all.

Revenue And Costs

This site earns revenue from Amazon Australia, Ezoic and eBay.

The only ongoing cost is the domain name and hosting. We have the site hosted on a server with many of our other sites so the cost is negligible which is why it’s not in the profit and loss sheet.

You can find all details in the profit and loss sheet here:

And screenshots to prove all earnings here:

All figures are in Australian dollars (AUD). Ezoic is paid in USD and you can see these amounts in the spreadsheet as well and then how it is converted to AUD so that everything is in the one currency.

Sale Includes

  • Domain names – and
  • WordPress site – a full backup that you can transfer
  • Facebook page
  • Twitter account
  • Pinterest account
  • Google Analytics and Search Console accounts

You will need your own hosting account to move this site to.

Note that a domain has rules about who can own it. They are here. For an Australian, an ABN is easiest.

If you are not Australian, I have sold sites before with the buyer applying to register a trademark in Australia of the site’s name. I believe this costs $250 and lasts for ten years once approved (you don’t need to be approved before taking the domain name, you just need to apply). You will need to research this yourself. Here is a starting point. Or you could redirect the domain to the .com version. I recommend you have this arranged before making an offer on this site, as I can’t be held accountable for any problems you have with this.

A also has a $99 charge to transfer the domain ownership which I will pay.


AUD $6,676 $5,900

This is calculated using a multiple of 25 and the average income over the last five months. I then subtracted $776 because I am keen to sell.

I used six months as the average because the profit has been declining over the last year and using the whole year seemed unfair. In August (six months ago), the revenue still hadn’t been fully affected from the drop in traffic at the product review update so I think it is most fair to take the average from September. I also have been moving content between sites in 2022, particularly at the start of that year.

I picked this multiple also because the site’s income has been declining. Usually a site this age is 30+ so I believe going lower is fair to make up for this.

If you are Australian and not registered for GST, I need to charge 10% GST on top of this price. Registering for GST before this sale is a great way to avoid this.

This price is negotiable.

Q And A

I also talk about this site in my latest podcast which you can find here.

Why Should You Buy This Site?

This site has a lot of possibilities. It started off being focused on travel and travel gear (including camping) and is now more lifestyle. You could niche this down or move back into travel or other areas. It’s been neglected for quite awhile, never got much attention and has proven that it can perform well. Traffic and income are currently trending up.

It also has many opportunities (see below) as well as a great domain name.

It’s a great starter site for someone who wants to start a site but would like to get a head start with a site that already earns some income for a great price. You could also buy the site and then move the content onto your existing site.

With some love, it could go anywhere.

Why Am I Selling?

I have so many sites at the moment that I seem to spend all my time on admin instead of tasks to push my business forward. I am selling most my sites so I can concentrate fully on my Malaysia destination site.

The reality is that I’ll never have the time for it and it’s a great starter site for someone else that they can take in many directions.

I talk more about why I’m selling sites in my podcast here.

Do I Have Any Competing Sites?

I have four sites that are focused on buying guides to make Australian Amazon affiliate revenue. I am selling all of them. They are (for sale here), (for sale here) and I am not actively working on any.

What Would I Do If I Was Keeping This Site?

There is so much.

The first step would be to update the existing content, optimise affiliate links and get it all perfect.

Then I would consider which direction I want the site to head in and would also consider niching it down a little. I would especially consider taking it back to being a travel and camping website as it did perform best when it was focused on this.

I would add more content.

I would start an email list, create an onboarding sequence and sell a product.

You could also look into using social media for traffic and engagement.

There are so many different directions you could go with this site.


Email me at [email protected] with an offer or any questions. Give me your Google account email if you’d like to take a full look at the Google Analytics for this site.

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