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There are many ways to make money from your blog. Some ways are better than others.

Sponsored posts are one of these ways. Sponsored posts are a powerful way boost
your income FAST. 

But the hardest part is finding opportunities – until now.

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I stumbled across Sharon’s site in the very week of my blog. The information on her blog was invaluable to setting up my own blog.  When I saw that she had released a course on earning an income from sponsored posts I immediately signed up.  I am only half way through the course but have already made more than double the cost of the course in income I have earned by putting Sharon’s processes in place and following up on the contacts she so generously shares in her FB group.  In fact within less than 24 hours of starting her course I followed her instructions of contacting a potential client and was rewarded with an offer of paid work immediately.  For anyone wondering whether this course is value for money, stop wondering and sign up!!


Thrifty Family Travel

Sharon has created a clear and easy to follow course that delivers what it promises in transparent and actionable steps. Not only has Sharon highlighted exactly how to go about making money with sponsored posts, but she has shared many contacts thereby taking the course beyond just information – it’s one of the few courses where you can earn money from the get go. I earned 800 Euros in my first month!


Chasing The Donkey

4 Steps

To Making Money From Sponsored Posts On Your blog

I’ve designed this course with one thing in mind – to help you secure sponsored posts. I want everyone who finishes this course to put into practice exactly what they’ve learned, which is why I’m offering something extra.

I’m sharing my exclusive list of client contacts with you.

It can be hard to create your own portfolio and this is your shortcut to great connections and making money from sponsored posts.

Here’s just some of what this course offers…

Boost Your Income Immediately

Sponsored posts require little investment on your behalf while offering fantastic income. Learn the steps needed to make money with sponsored posts and how to stand out from the crowd to ensure you secure the offers.

Discover Clients Looking To Pay You

When you purchase the full course with client contacts you’ll discover clients waiting to pay you for a sponsored post from your site. And you’ll keep getting new details for new potential clients for the next 12 months meaning you’ll get offers immediately and improve your chances of securing more in the future.

A Guaranteed Approach To Earning Money

For the first and last time, I’m offering a GUARANTEED way to begin making money from sponsored posts. Learn step by step exactly how to earn money with Sponsored Posts. Gain quality client contacts – available exclusively to you with a 100% guarantee of receiving your first opportunity – nothing left to chance.

Be In Control Of Your Earnings

Sponsored posts are the one way to make money from your blog that offers ultimate control and earning power as you are in the driver’s seat. YOU set your prices, YOU decide on the content you want to post and YOU get the article posted to your blog.

Your Instructor

Sharon is a successful full time blogger. She makes a 6 figure income from her blogs. Sharon has been sharing her methods from the beginning and is an ex-teacher who prides herself on her ability to teach others in a way that is totally transparent and open.

What you’ll receive

Full Course

Enjoy access to the full course with email templates, ways to track your progress and the resources you need to have success with sponsored posts.

Client Contacts

Enroll in the full version of the course with client contacts and receive 12 months exclusive access to our client contacts – real clients that will give you sponsored post opportunities.

Success Guaranteed

If you enroll in the course with client contacts, complete the course, pitch all contacts and do not receive a sponsored post opportunity, you’ll receive a full refund of the course – guaranteed.

Step by Step

Introduction to Sponsored Posts

The first step includes an introduction to what sponsored posts are and why they exist. You’ll be given examples of sponsored posts so you can see what they’re all about and consider what you need to know if you want to get paid for sponsored posts.

✓ Includes your FREE guide to creating a media kit and work page
✓ Highlights the risks and benefits of sponsored posts
✓ See examples of sponsored posts


Here’s my promise to you

I am so confident that the client contacts that I share with you will lead to paid sponsored post opportunities that if you don’t secure one within the time you’re enrolled in the group, I’ll refund you the entire amount you paid for the course*.

*This offer is available only to those that purchase the full course with client contacts, complete the course and pitch the supplied contacts.

Questions? Find the answers below.

Who is this course relevant for?

This course is only for people with an existing blog. Although sponsored posts are a fast and easy way for anyone with a blog to earn money, the higher your Domain Authority (DA) the better your chances of securing opportunities. Most clients like to see a DA over 20 before they will consider working with you. If you have a lower DA it’s important to note that you may struggle to secure sponsored posts, but it’s not impossible. This course outlines the importance of DA and how to improve it to improve your chances of receiving opportunities. If this is your blog then you will need to work harder before you will start making money from sponsored posts.

How is the course taught?

The course is taught with a combination of video, audio files and reading material to guide you through the process. I’ve also included exercises so you can complete the steps needed to stay on track.

How long does it take?

You can take as little or as long as you want to finish the course, but I recommend finishing it within a couple of weeks. Alternatively, you could set aside two days on the weekend provided you can focus your attention on getting results.

When will the course be available?

Once you enroll in the course you will receive immediate access to the course content. This means that you can get started right away.

How much can I earn?

This is something that is entirely up to you – you are the one that will set your prices. Having said this, the person paying for a sponsored post will likely want to negotiate and so it is wise to be flexible. You’ll learn more about setting prices in the course content. Although there are many variables to consider, you should expect to receive no less than $100 per post.

Why make money with sponsored posts?

Sponsored posts are undoubtedly a fast and easy way to make money. They require minimal effort making them one of the easiest ways to earn money from your blog. They also tend to build on themselves – once your blog begins gaining a larger audience, you’ll receive more opportunities. I never actively look for sponsored post opportunities – yet I receive plenty of offers.

How can you be sure that I will earn money?

There are plenty of clients looking for blogs to post on. It isn’t hard to stand out from the crowd and, by following the methods in this course, you’ll be able to do this. For those that purchase access to the client contacts, I am confident that you’ll secure opportunities if your DA is 25+.

Why would someone pay me for a sponsored post?

There are always companies and people looking for more exposure for their brand and websites. They pay for sponsored posts to access your audience and/or to get a link from your quality blog. This is why it is important to take steps to ensure your website matches what potential clients require – which you’ll learn about in the course.

Can I make money from the client contacts if my blog is in a small niche?

If your blog is in a small niche, for example, food in Thailand, then you can still make money from these contacts. However, the more narrow your niche, the less success you are likely to have. I am still confident you can make back the course cost and more. I would recommend your blog is in English to take advantage of these contacts.


The client contacts group is STRICTLY limited to 30 members. This is to ensure that members of the group have the best chance to secure opportunities from these clients.


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Full Course + Client Contacts + Book
  • Receive the full course as well as access to the Facebook group for the contact details of potential clients. You also receive the book, How to Make Money From Blogging.


Full Course + Client Contacts
  • Receive the full course as well as access to the Facebook group for the contact details of potential clients.


Full Course (Only)
  • Receive access to the full course. NOTE: this option does not include client contacts and is therefore not covered under the money back guarantee.


Or pay $74 monthly

with 4 payments over 4 months

*All prices are in US dollars